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21 February 2013

Computer Graphics: Coding experience

06:00 pm  Montevideo


Computer graphics has spread throughout different industries as a way to reach consumers, differentiate your product and empower your business results. In other word, it allows you to create exceptional experiences for your audiences.

We invite you to the "Computer Graphics: Coding experience", an event where you will be able to run samples modifying snippets of code through a guided talk. View more info

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  • Speakers:

    Federico Medina (Senior C++ Developer & Graphics Engineering Specialist) has been working on technology and videogame projects since 2005, and working for Globant since 2011. His main area of expertise is C++ and ActionScript 3, mostly videogame related. While in Globant, Federico has participated in multiple kinds of projects for Cisco's, EA, Sony & Autodesk, among others. Other activities include teaching a course of Web Game Development in AS3 at ORT University in Montevideo, Uruguay. Federico or @pardoman is also a Tango Enthusiast & casual Blogger (


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