Big Data

A data revolution is taking place. The amount of information available is growing at exponential rates, and there’s huge value hidden in it. 

Many companies in industries like finance, telecommunications and IT require specifically designed software to achieve extremely high levels of security, high-availability and performance.

Our Big Data and High Performance Studio delivers mission-critical data management solutions in industries that manage large numbers of daily transactions. Using our expertise in algorithms, data modeling, high performance analytics and transactional services, we build highly secure, scalable and available software solutions, designed to handle heavy volumes of information. This enables our clients to manage different phases of the data lifecycle. 

The service practices we provide through our Big Data and High Performance Studio include:

Data Architecture

With the wide usage of mobile and tablet devices and the viralization of social networks, a wave of huge volumes of digital data has covered the whole world. Companies are trying to take advantage of this and extract valuable conclusions around their business by performing an analysis of product positioning, customer behavior, KPIs and cross referencing data with traditional and innovative unstructured sources. We offer enterprise information management services, which include both traditional data warehousing using relational database management systems and next-generation non-relational and distributed database management technology.

Data Science

We take your data and extract information that adds value to your business. We do this using sophisticated, mathematical and statistical algorithms, which are implemented with state of the art technology. Data Science is an interdisciplinary field, and in our team we have different members with expertise and proficiency across all the necessary areas. If Data Architecture is in charge of taking a realistic photo of the present, Data Science puts several techniques in place to figure out predictions on different KPIs and metrics of your business.

Data Visualization

We create the means to communicate information in a clear and effective way, such as dashboards, scoreboards, and business intelligence using elegant and sophisticated graphical resources, that will facilitate strategic decision-making.


Big Data´s Blog

If you are interested in knowing more about these trends, we invite you to visit our Big Data Blog, where you´ll find several discussion on BigData paradigm and it’s family of tools. Distributed databases analysis involve Apache Hadoop, Cassandra, Storm, CouchDB, MongoDB and others.

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  • Data Visualization

  • Data Science

  • Data Architecture

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