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Cloud and DevOps  are enabling new and more efficient business  by  reducing time to market for new features and products in all  Industries. 

Cloud, DevOps Services, and Technologies are enabling new and more efficient business for all  kind of companies and industries. Our Cloud Ops  Studio focuses on 2 Practices: 
  • Cloud (public and hybrid) Support for the evolution of enterprise IT landscape in order to make it more agile and governable while reducing risk and costs.
  • DevOps connecting Development and Operations of new or existing  applications and services in order to reduce Time to Market for new features and products thanks to standardization and automation. 
At Globant, we build innovative software products (from IoT to Digital Content, Big Data, Gaming, Mobile, etc.)  based on Agile Methodologies. We are in a unique position to support enterprises by creating a Cloud and DevOps strategy and culture that scales to companies of any size. We focus on the practices that we include in the DNA of our Agile Pods methodology


Practices & Solutions

  • Cloud Computing

  • Managed Services - Monitoring & Support

  • DevOps

  • Success Case: PRNewswire


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