Enterprise Consumerization

Every company seeks to augment internal efficiency and accomplish compliance regulations, while focusing on its business. We detect and motivate the mavens that drive an organization’s success. We supply internal access to essential information and help internal users collaborate better.

Our Enterprise Consumerization Studio builds innovative enterprise solutions that enable organizations to increase internal efficiency and attain regulatory compliance. The solutions we develop allow our clients to reduce operational costs, enhance productivity, improve critical processes and provide readily available information. 

The service practices we provide through our Enterprise Consumerization Studio include:

Enterprise Cloud Development

We help our clients move their applications and data to the cloud, and at the same time, we re-design the User Experience to engage their employees and customers longer and better. We leverage emerging User Interface technology and responsive design methodologies, while driving a scalable platform implementation that meets your short and long term performance and quality goals. We work with all the top Enterprise providers, and have strategic relationships with Amazon Web Services and Salesforce.com

Enterprise Operations

We help Human Resources, Finance, Sales and Business Operation departments to build products with appealing User Interfaces, seamlessly integrated with your legacy application infrastructure. This practice includes Workflows and Forms modeling, Data Consolidation, Service Bus Development, Integration with ERPs, Legacy Systems, and Business-to-Business middleware.

Open Collaboration

Open Collaboration is our initiative to integrate social tools and collaboration in the office environment. It represents a fundamental shift in how businesses operate. Our Open Collaboration practice includes working and developing internal social networks, enterprise content management, smart search and applications that allow employees to access their job tools anywhere, anytime.

Talent Development Solutions

We provide tools for leadership and organizational development. We build software for human resource planning, support to help employees stay engaged and productive in their position and help the organization define and fulfill its vision and purpose.

Practices & Solutions

  • Talent Development Solutions

  • Open Collaboration

  • Enterprise Operations

  • Enterprise Cloud Development

Our Clients

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