Our Gaming Studio specializes in the design and development of world-class games and digital platforms , which work across web, social, and mobile channels. 

We enable our clients to leverage game mechanics with a differentiating approach; helping them develop the vision, the concept and carry out an idea through production, launch and operation. Backed up by our solid expertise working with the most recognized companies in the gaming industry, we help our customers add significant value to their business.

We combine experience, creative talent, solid technology frameworks, and processes by which we scale and foster innovation. The service practices we provide through our Gaming Studio include:

Graphics Engineering

We develop products and tools that enable production of the artists’ design. This includes animation, Lighting, Shading, Tools (Visualization, Geometry Editing, Plug-ins), Profiling and optimization and Rendering R&D.

Game Engineering

We develop games and features for multiple platforms: Social, PC, Mobile and Next Generation Consoles. We streamline the development process creating feature-rich products around the core IP, or we co-develop AAA games working directly for world-class video game developers. We also support core rendering technology projects leveraging our Graphic Engineering Practice.

Gaming Experience

We provide creative solutions and tools that boost user engagement. We bring the power of game mechanics and design thinking to non-gaming contexts, enticing collaboration, brand or group loyalty through play: creating fun, non-invasive end user experiences. We team up Game Design, User Experience and Technology professionals, with broad expertise in creating products for entertainment and non-entertainment industries to build unique experiences. We leverage our Gamification Solutions Platform, a library of software components that allows us to accelerate the product development lifecycle through pre-implemented game mechanics and services framework.

Digital Platform Services

We build and support solutions that drive customer engagement, activity tracking across your products/brands, enhancing cross-sell, supporting payments, and distributing digital assets. Our technology solutions include unified user and personas management, syndication of social, gaming and other networks' content, entitlements (digital locker), inventory management, e-commerce support, subscriptions, gamification tools with UI widgets, promotion engines, content downloads, Digital Rights Management, Big Data analysis, Customer Service, and more.


Practices & Solutions

  • Graphics Engineering

  • Gaming Experience

  • Game Engineering

  • Digital Platforms

Our Clients

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