All types of organizations encounter the fast pace growth of Mobile and they are all looking for ways to become leaders of their segment. We constantly research on new technology, platforms, devices and software, offering clients fast results through workshops, divulgation activities and planning.

Our Mobile Studio focuses on developing innovative mobile applications and state-of-the-art user interfaces that are able to run across multiple devices and platforms, using the perfect mix of creativity, talent and professionalism. We have deep domain expertise in native technologies (such as iOS, Java and .NET) and Web technologies (such as JavaScript and HTML5) allowing us to support top mobile platforms such as the iPhone/Android and Windows Phone, respectively. 

The service practices we provide through our Mobile Studio include:

Mobile Experience

We help our clients create engaging mobile experiences for specific audience, combining a deep knowledge in the different platforms and an expert team of designers and product owners that will work with our clients to define functionalities and specific characteristics to reach their audience effectively.

Hybrid Mobile Development

We are experts combining both native and HTML5 technologies, leveraging responsive design methods, and establishing a consistent look-and-feel and user experience (UX) across different devices. Our hybrid Solutions reduce time-to-market and enable cross-platform portability, reusing pre-built web components, or building and sharing web content across platforms and device configurations.

Practices & Solutions

  • Mobile Experience

  • Hybrid Mobile Development

Our Clients

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