Quality Engineering

The success of your business is directly tied to the quality of complex and highly integrated software.Your software drives opportunities, but also exposes you to new risks. Only a high quality product has a chance of succeeding in today’s market.

Our Quality Engineering Studio focuses on reducing our clients’ business risks. We provide a comprehensive suite of innovative testing services to ensure that the software application running achieves the highest-quality standards and meets the needs of demanding users. We increase test efficiency, decrease time to market and reduce the risk of human error in manual testing.

The service practices we provide through our Quality Engineering Studio include:

Game Testing

We support the full testing lifecycle of a game on multiple platforms (console, handheld, PC, Mac, mobile, and web/social). We have developed a process framework specialized in genre and platforms. Our testing experience ranges from social/mobile to Triple-A titles over multiple hardware configurations. Our deep focus on gameplay adds additional value the developer is waiting for: quality gameplay feedback on top of standard defects.

Load and Performance Testing

We measure, validate and verify technical quality attributes of our customer's software. We provide benchmark insight on similar platforms, relevant industries and business domains. We plan and build test journeys, execute target concurrency levels, report findings and recommend detailed actions to increase your software's performance and reliability. We not only help our clients detect capacity bottlenecks and response lag, we also engage experts that can remove them, and refine your architecture blueprint to meet your short and long term scalability goals.

Mobile Testing

Mobile is one of the most rapid growing trends to reach end consumers; we test software developments for each device and its specific characteristics. We have built a solution to test a multiplicity of hardware and software configurations, and have developed a high degree of automation. Our Mobile Testing practice covers the full testing lifecycle: Functional, Compatibility, Automation, Stress, Ad Hoc and Integration Testing.

Test Automation

This practice helps increase overall productivity, reduce the level of rework towards the end development iterations, and de-risk time to market. Our team works together with the development team and creates an environment of high build frequency and demo readiness, critical to raise quality awareness to our customer's business. We employ various testing frameworks, some of them home grown, others custom to our client's needs. We help our customers create a comprehensive building process, making sure test coverage includes all set features. We create, configure and run Smoke, Integration, Regression, Acceptance, Services Layer and UI Testing.

QA Engagement Strategy

We offer the specific team caliber, structure, process, infrastructure and resources to make sure a product meets quality expectation as defined by our client's business. Globant has a team of top level professionals dedicated to help our customers build the strategy, and create the roadmap to deliver a comprehensive solution aligned with the long term quality goals.

Practices & Solutions

  • QA Engagement Strategy

  • Test Automation

  • Mobile Testing

  • Load & Performance Testing

  • Game Testing

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