The world is changing and a new challenge is in place: extract information buried inside big volumes of data. Only those that can invest in the analysis of information and better know their audiences will take advantage of the real value of this new world. The market technologies are evolving to take data as it is, structure them and perform an iterative research on them. Companies like Google, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter are changing their traditional storage to a more flexible and scalable one, which allows them to process data in their thousand of servers. This new paradigm called Distributed Data Analysis has evolved along the years to provide a solution to the incapacity of a single computer to process the amount of existing data. Initially this design was introduced by Google as Google File System and MapReduce.

During this two days session we will talk about the place of this phenomenon in the society, how it affects it, helps and transforms it. We will speak about different business cases already in place in the market and how this can be applied to your company. The second part of the first day and the whole second day will start to deep dive into the technical details of this new approach.