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Digital Lending

Enhancing the lending experience through digital innovation


The lending market is witnessing a paradigm shift towards digitalization. With this shift, banks have the ability to improve the customer experience, make data-driven decisions, and significantly reduce their cost of business.

After the strategic acquisition and integration of Bluecap’s team to Globant, this Studio brings together both Globant and Bluecap’s expertise in the financial sector to empower financial institutions to adopt the most innovative digital lending practices and enhance the experience for both banks and specialized lenders as well as consumers.


Smart Underwriting

Risk underwriting is the first step to ensuring an exceptional user experience within the digital lending process. We leverage the latest technologies to incorporate new sources of information that help us to better understand both customers and non-customers, such as interrelationship maps, digital footprint & PSD2. Combining all sources of information with the use of advanced analytics, we offer a customised product and smart experience for each customer.


A key to successful risk management is proactive monitoring integrated into daily risk analysis that is able to anticipate default events.
We help our clients anticipate and effectively manage default events months in advance. Risk is not static, so having the latest information, together with the use of advanced data management techniques, allows for a more efficient and optimal process at customer or portfolio level through digital integration, providing greater autonomy in management.

Digital Collections

Having Digital Collections is a top priority to face any economic situation, ensure greater efficiency at the lowest cost, and avoid deterioration of customer relationships. Our Digital Collections models are based on three main elements: prioritization of the Customer Experience, optimization of the value of the portfolio, and integration of a superior technological and operational model.

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