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The largest police force in the UK was facing major challenges; increasing demand on policing services, reduced budgets and an expectation from Londoners that the Met Police’s services be available online at the same level of quality they might experience at Amazon.

Inside the Met there was deep scepticism towards change initiatives based on a history of long, expensive programmes with disappointing results. Legacy technology meant that agility and flexibility was difficult to achieve and the lowest risk solution was pursued before the most effective or innovative. Our transformative approach placed the needs of the public and Met staff first.

We married technology with deep customer insight, delivering progress quickly and driving fundamental behavioural change across the organisation. The result – 100,000 reports of crime online over 12 months with effective triaging meaning 90% requiring zero deployment. A platform that will be rolled out nationally saving the public purse £’milions.

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Globant wins BIMA Advance Grand Prix for helping Met create world’s largest digital Police force
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