Globant’s Digital Journey Accelerator In San Francisco

The playground is a space where digital journeys are dreamed, designed and prototyped. We offer an in-depth experience for companies to start and accelerate their digital evolution lifecycle. The playground is an inspirational space where Globant DNA and all successful digital journeys are showcased in real time. Guests can explore, touch, play and discover insights about each journey. It also delivers the perfect atmosphere to build ideas, transforming them into prototypes that can be explored.

The Playground Journey

  1. Inmerse

    Look for divergence on your ideas. It is time to discover and play with cutting-edge technology, from various Virtual Reality sets to real-time Machine Learning algorithms to Enchanted Objects. This immersion phase allows you and your team to break free from the daily routine and take a fresh look at technology.

    Activities: Playground Tour. Mentored Creativity. Silicon Valley Tour.

    Outcome: Digital Journal including all activities and follow-ups.

  2. Explore

    Be the designer of your journey. Use what you learned during immersion to choose what's meaningful to you. Work with our experts and use exploration techniques to envision the future of your Digital Journey.

    Activities: Start with Why. Guided Exploration. Construct & Role Play.

    Outcome: Initial Digital Journey Definition. Exploration Chart. Main Journey UX work.

  3. Make

    Create something unique, a new, effective experience. Speed up disruptive thinking by creating prototypes that you can feel and touch. You will be able to turn your ideas into products that can be deployed and tested rapidly.

    Activities: Detailed Journey Definition. Iterative prototyping.

    Outcome: Working Prototypes. Process Definition.

  4. Transform

    And challenge the Environment. Deploy ideas into the market quickly. Scale up leveraging Globant's Pods methodology. Based on the Digital Journey, assemble the teams required for the continuous deployment of product features.

    Activities: Business Model Exploration. Execution Strategy Definition.

    Outcome: Digital Journey Business Plan. Agile Transformation. POD Implementation.

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