Globant was recognized with the award for Technology Company of the year by the media group Punto a Punto from Córdoba City.Together with Globant, the nominees were Grupo Prominente and Santex.

The nominees are defined by a group of seven respected and notable men from the business, political and educational world of Córdoba City. They are José Barujel, Raúl Hermida, Hugo Juri, Rubén Martí, José Porta, Juan Carlos Viano and Mario Cuneo, as well as the president of Punto a Punto Agustín de la Reta. The subscribers of Punto a Punto are the ones in charge of voting for the nominees and the whole process is audited by PwC.

The awards ceremony took place  during a breathtaking gala. More than 650 people attended including the city governor, government officials, executives, journalists and media.