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Want to promote better health? Offer an exercise rewards program

Globant and Apple collaborated to create a customized, white label recognition and reward platform that inspires physical activity and a healthier life.

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Good health is its own reward.
But an Apple Watch is nice too.

Daily habits help create meaningful, long-lasting change leading to better health and wellness. You can now inspire these habits—from exercising to simply standing—by offering rewards and incentives to employees, members, or customers that help them achieve their goals. 

With the combined power of Apple Watch and a new program developed by Globant, participants can set monthly goals and keep track of their physical activity. They’ll be working towards rewards—including a new Apple Watch.

This innovative rewards program encourages a healthy lifestyle for the participant and provides meaningful data and cost savings for you.

The Apple Watch app can be white-labeled and customized to meet your specific needs.

The best kind of benefits: Long term.

Globant and Apple offer a win-win opportunity to engage more deeply with your customers. At a glance, here’s how it delivers benefits to you both:

Mobile app accessibility

Members track activity and program evolution with the Globant mobile app

Behavioral insights

Members are motivated by insights delivered through push notifications.

Physical activity

Members are given incentives to be physically active

Lower medical costs

Healthy activity can lead to lower medical costs over time

Customer acquisition

Access custom tools for high-value cohorts

Brand engagement

Drive greater brand engagement and recognition


Rewards help increase member retention

AI-driven insights

AI offers insights into new population level data

Ready to get moving?
Globant and Apple’s white label incentive program is designed to keep your employees, members, and customers focused on creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. To create a customized program for your organization, contact us.