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Engaging through play

From pixels to emotions, we create unforgettable experiences

Gaming Services

Game Development

What we can do for you:

Development and engineering for rendering systems, core mechanics, gameplay and AI, among others. Engine optimization, development of custom UI tools and more.
Extensive experience in Unreal, Unity, C++ and many other industry leading technologies

Conceptual Product Design and business analysis. Game, Level and Narrative Design. Gameplay Scripting,

Front End & Back End Development
Front End & Back End Development

Art Services


UX and Art Direction, Wireframing and Prototyping, User Interface Design, Asset Creation, Reskinning. Character, Creature, Environment & Props Design and Creation, Tools & Pipeline. Rigging, VFXs.

Storyboard and Animatics, Filming, Editing and Casting. Image Treating

Concept Art & Illustration
Concept Art & Illustration

Online Services

We can help you out with:

Microservices architecture, scaling, analytics, online stores, user management, web development, mobile development, utility tooling, video streaming, cyber-security.
Matchmaking, multiplayer support, high scalability readiness, inventory, wallets, cloud saves, lobby services
Integration and optimization with gaming services off-the-shelves solutions and other services solutions like VOIP, OTT, mailing etc.
Cloud provider migrations, CI/CD, optimization, monitoring, support

Certified for Google, Amazon & Microsoft Cloud Services

Online Services
Online Services


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Meet the Globant Emerald Team

GET is the esports division of Globant, a diverse and inclusive group of people that shares the love for games and believes in the power of this industry as a force for change, beyond entertainment. We are embarking on a journey through uncharted territory hopeful that we can bring great things to esports based on values: diversity, professionalism, ethics and teamwork. We are ready for the game!

podcast - gamificados

Check our Podcast 

The video game professionals in Globant's Gaming Studio explore everything to do with gaming, and in particular why people choose to be part of this exciting and fast-moving industry. The podcast is in Spanish and is moderated by Ale Vidal, Technical Director at Globant.

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