Our Gaming Studio specializes in the design and development of world-class games and digital platforms, which work across console, PC, web, social and mobile channels.

We enable our clients to leverage game mechanics with a different approach; helping them develop the vision and carry out an idea through production, launch and operation. Backed up by our solid expertise and work with the most recognized companies in the gaming industry, we help our customers add significant value to their business. We combine experience, creative talent, solid technology frameworks, and processes to scale and foster innovation.


  • VAR


    Virtual reality goes beyond gaming and entertainment. It is being immersed in every aspect of the life becoming in one of the key player in the near future of IT. Augmented Reality allows to expand your mind about what is real, displaying information in your field of view and taking you into a new scenario where the real and virtual worlds are tightly coupled. Our Gaming studio provides ideation sessions, customer engagements, market reach and content creation taking your business to the next generation of technology.


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  • GR


    We provide services to develop products and tools to bring to life the artists' designs. This includes Animation, Lighting, Shading, Visualization Tools and Rendering.

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  • DA

    3D & 2D ART

    Our Game Art practices focuses on creating high-end game art for AAA productions. We cover the latest technical and artistic pipelines as well as the latest art techniques in order to stay relevant to current industry standards. We cover Character and Environment art, from the conception stage to the final game ready asset.

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  • ES


    Watching games being played is as much entertainment nowadays as it is playing them. We help you take advantage of the special characteristics of the medium and provide an interactive and engaging experience for your audience and the audience of your content creators. Wether it's VR, second screen or main screen, we combine our engineering, product design and community management practices to help you increase spectators and generate a virtuous loop between watching your games and playing them.


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  • GE


    We streamline the development process creating feature-rich products around the core IP. We co-develop AAA games working directly for world-class video game developers.

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  • GEX


    The Gaming studio is capable of creating every single piece of a Gamified Experience, creating a whole video-game or applying gamification techniques to a current product, combining Game Design with User Experience to ensure experiences across multiple platforms, seeking to engage users and achieve business goals through fun and play.

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  • DPS


    We create and expand centralized platforms for cross platform developments. A digital platform consists on a coherent technical offer to access a universe of distant, interactive or non-interactive services which can be broadcasted or supplied on-line.

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