Process Automation

Efficiency driven by technology

The process automation studio delivers solutions that enable our clients to be more efficient, innovative and agile.

As companies grow and competition becomes more aggressive there is a need to be more efficient. We provide solutions that boost productivity, create competitive advantages, foster innovation and bring agility. We work to establish quick wins that are refined using an iterative approach that delivers more value on each cycle optimizing the throughput.


  • PA

    Process Appraisal

    An in depth analysis of the processes is done so that they can be valued and prioritized to outline the best automation strategy. In order to have quick wins that deliver actual value to the business we do a joint work with our clients to define measurables criterias that support the decision on where to start and the set of technologies to use and be successful.

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  • AS

    Automated Solutions

    Doing process automation is not just selecting a single tool in the market and automate a flow but rather a conscious analysis of the set of technologies to be used understanding the context on which they will run. Our extensive knowledge of technologies allow us to define the best architecture possible considering infrastructure and automation needs leveraging on AI and data scraping techniques among more traditional solutions.

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  • PE

    Process Evolution

    Doing monitoring and governance of automated process is key to keep improving your efficiency. Through the definition of the appropriate set of metrics and tools we control the operation identifying bottleneck areas and optimize performance, as well as including new processes to your automation strategy.

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