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The Ed-Tech & Learning Revolution

We create engaging and inmersive experiences.

We have a strong partnership culture.

At Globant we┬┤ve got the technology, the team and expertise to help.

Together, with your team, we create more engaging products with better academic outcomes

The New Paradigm in EdTech
The education sector is looking for a new paradigm; one that puts human interactions at the center and enables learning and teaching experiences within contexts and situations that are new and different. We need to embrace technology to make learning more engaging. When students are interested, that's where learning takes place.
Remote Learning
Remote learning brings up new challenges for everyone, and organizations are focusing on enhancing a blended environment. With the right technology we can co-create high impact learning experiences.
We're a team of 16,250 professionals
We have 23 studios, which are deep pockets of expertise
Founded in 2003, we have 18 years helping some of the world's leading organizations
We're present in 16 countries and 34 cities around the world
Our Services
Immersive Learning
We create immersive, augmented reality learning experiences for virtual field trips and more.
We help enhance, maintain, and support the scaling of your learning solutions.
Connect & Manage
We implement solutions that connect parents, teachers, and students to monitor progress and take action.
Data Analytics
We help you identify, gather, and analyze user consumption data, enabling you to personalize the learning experience.
Digital Courses
We help businesses and institutions digitize their trainings, onboardings, and courses.