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Maida Desktop

An intelligent application management services platform

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MAIDA is Globant’s AI platform that brings innovation and the latest technologies to application management services (AMS). As a digital AMS platform, MAIDA takes traditional services to a new level of experience, with features including real-time KPIs and dashboards assistant to ensure continuous improvement.
Main Features

Built with the latest technologies, MAIDA focuses on three pillars: user experience, process optimization, and root problem solving, so organizations achieve total cost reduction over time. It provides daily dashboards and predictive alerts as required.

MAIDA provides plug and play dashboards which have over 40 pre-built graphics representing common daily and monthly service indicators.


MAIDA is a cloud-based platform and is also agnostic to any ticketing system. As it uses a functional blocks approach, we can accelerate the implementation time and adjust it to serve your specific customer needs.


MAIDA uses AI to provide specific insights. From an intelligent ticket search which results in faster resolution, to problem-cluster identification, MAIDA ensures continuous self-learning across the platform. By providing real-time and predictive KPIs it provides the basis for enhanced decision-making.


MAIDA has pre-built connectors and can be easily integrated with widely used ticketing tools like ServiceNow, JIRA,  BMC and HP

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