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Web UI Developer

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UI Engineering

We are a digitally native company where innovation, design and engineering meet scale. We use the latest technologies in the digital and cognitive field to empower organizations in every aspect. We want you to join us to work for the biggest clients in tech, retail, travel, banking, ecommerce and media, revolutionizing and growing their core businesses while helping them (and you!) stay ahead of the curve. Be part of a company with the most cutting-edge practices and technologies plus a unique team.

What are we looking for?

Right now, we’re looking for Web UI Developer to join our teams to perform any type of design work independently and to lead designers of lower seniority.

What will help you succeed

  • Prototyping techniques and tools. Wireframing and high resolution mockups
  • Knowledge in agile methodologies
  • Knowledge of frameworks like Angular, React, Vue.js, Backbone, Node.js
  • Knowledge of the latest trends regarding the design of UI and branding
  • Perfect command of graphic and artistic design to perform intuitive and innovative user’s interfaces
  • Techniques and methodologies of UX design (People, card sorting, scenarios, etc.). Is a plus.
  • Proficient with front-end development technologies (HTML/CSS, Flash, Flex, Silverlight, mobile)

You will get the chance to

  • Shape your own path as you work with the best brands and professionals in the industry
  • Work in a flexible, team-oriented culture that’s truly Agile.
  • Have the opportunity to work in more than 400 innovative projects to work at, from High Tech to eCommerce, building the next generation of Travel, Retail, Advertising, Banking, Gaming and Media applications.
  • Develop your skills in the latest technologies and frameworks, so you can #StayRelevant.
  • Work from over 25 Globant offices, in LATAM, US, Europe and Asia.
  • Travel and expand your horizons!

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