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Globant for You

Enjoy every day at work. Find your balance and a family that will accompany you in all stages of your life. Our mission is to design and provide unique experiences for Globers to find the perfect match for their work-life balance.

Key Benefits

Enjoy every day at work.
Health insurance for you & your family
Work anywhere
Relocation possibilities
Employee Stock Purchase Program (conditions apply)
Life insurance
Parenting Program
Globant Campus
Be Kind Program
Rewards & recognition platform
Paid time off
Internet reimbursement
Healthcare for pets
globant - globant benefits
globant - benefits

¡Things we're proud of!

Main Image
Main Image
New Full access to Globant University Campus with +4500 learning experiences available

Globant University Campus is an educational platform to train your skills, teach others and discover new learning experiences according to your goals, interests, and learning style.

Explore this virtual space with resources created by Globers and specialists of the industry for Globers to seek reinvention.

Boost your career and build the future!

There is not only one way to be a parent and at Globant we are truly committed to be close to Globers in this journey. Meet this one-of-a- kind program that is here to support you and your family with a holistic perspective.
  • Coverage in fertility treatments
  • Childcare reimbursement
  • Yoga classes
  • Prenatal sessions
  • Breastfeeding consultancy
  • Exclusive parenting videos
  • Postnatal individual sessions with childhood & parenting specialists
Globers benefit from a comprehensive wellness plan that provides vast opportunities to boost your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.
  • Free membership to Headspace, the #1 mindfulness app worldwide.
  • Be Kind to Yourself Day, a day to enjoy in the way Globers like the best.
  • Wellness Calendar with diverse activities from meditation till online doctors and webinars.
  • Team happiness and resilience activities.
Be part of Globant's growth!

With this plan, we aim to invite all Globers to become Globant's shareholders, to foster a stronger participation in the company's growth and success.

The Value Proposition is that Globers contribute a percentage of their gross salary, during an Offering Period. At the end of each Offering Period, Globers participating in the plan will be able to buy Globant shares with a discount on market share price at the time of the “purchase date”.

Benefits may differ by location/country. Employee stock purchase program is available for Globers in all territories with the exception of Belarus due to market permissions.
globant - benefits
globant - benefits
Globant - careers - globant 4 you - Life@globant
Globant - careers - globant 4 you - Life@globant


We want to be close to you in each step of your way, that is why we have these benefits designed to help and be close to you when you need us most.

Birthday Gift
Graduation Gift
Marriage Gift
Baby Glober gift
Moving gift
10 year Anniversary gift

Work at Globant

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