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El rol de la ciberseguridad en el mundo digital

Ayudamos a las empresas a crear productos seguros y protegidos desde la conceptualización hasta la ejecución.

The role of cybersecurity has evolved rapidly from its traditional scope in recent years. To help businesses adapt, Globant’s Cybersecurity Studio focuses on 3 key aspects:

Building secure products

We believe that security has to be involved in all stages of the software development lifecycle. Key to our approach is helping our clients move away from traditional cyber risk management to quantitative risk analytics. We help organizations:

  • Build secure software using industry recognized best practices.
  • Design secure applications from the beginning, by integrating security into the architecture and infrastructure design.
  • Reduce software development costs with security by design. This results in fewer defects, vulnerabilities and code fixes during production.
Cybersecurity at cloud speed

The challenge posed by the new paradigm “cybersecurity as a code” forces us to re-evaluate traditional cybersecurity approaches. It requires the continuous delivery of security, adding value at every stage.

We enable businesses to adapt to this new world with expertise in DevSecOps (cybersecurity as code). We can help you:

  • Understand and adopt a DevSecOps culture - a new way of thinking and a new way of working.
  • Automate security tools in a continuous integration and development process, ensuring fast and secure code delivery.
Cybersecurity operation support

Effective cybersecurity operations means implementing proactive controls, and constantly monitoring infrastructure and security configurations. Businesses need to detect, prevent and mitigate possible attacks.

Via our cybersecurity shared services center, we offer organizations:

  • Incident detection, incident response and vulnerability assessments to quickly identify and react from threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Monthly metrics, KPIs and KRIs, combined with strategic information.
  • Use of our threat intelligence repository to react quickly.
Desarrollo de experiencias digitales seguras

En Globant ayudamos a las organizaciones a crear experiencias digitales seguras mejorando la madurez de los procesos de desarrollo de software. Hemos desarrollado herramientas patentadas de seguridad que permiten a las empresas tener una mejor visibilidad de los riesgos de seguridad y tomar medidas rápidamente cuando sea necesario. Mira nuestro video para obtener más información.

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