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Cultural Hacking

Powering cultural transformations

Even the most innovative organizations need a strong culture

Globant’s Cultural Hacking Studio focuses on crafting cultures of empowered people that help organizations reach their purpose and business goals.

While companies look to boost their consumer experiences, they are also trying to transform themselves internally. But it becomes difficult to build a digitally-native culture from scratch or change the status quo. It is hard to be successful using old-fashioned practices. Transformation starts with developing the right set of strategy choices and the ability to help shape digital thinking and a digital culture that supports continuous innovation. It is cemented through effective change management.


Organizational Design

Design an organization that is aligned with your purpose and business goals. Assign the right people to each area, create a people-centric mentality, design the skills, and build a change management plan that keeps your business running while creating a new model.

Leadership Mindset & Organizational Upskilling

Empower leaders and employees to reach their full potential through training, mentorship, and coaching, along with other techniques to create the right mindset to manage changes and evolutions.

Cultural Strategy

Define a cultural strategy that empowers people and accelerates business results. Discover and create a comprehensive roadmap to successfully deliver every stage of your transformation plan including an holistic view of business, data, processes, experiences and talent journey. Co-create the key aspects of your culture - the purpose, values and competencies of your organization.

Talent Journeys

Craft amazing experiences that will lead people to want to belong to an organization where there is great coherence between strategic goals, values, communication, competences, and the talent experience. Define specific journeys including onboarding, recruiting, staffing, innovation, diversity, leadership, and learning. Generate a direct impact on your employer branding.

Change Management

Ensure the success and adoption of new technologies and business changes by actively focusing on managing change and creating bridges between the old and the new.

Success Stories

A digital experience reinvention for Telecom

Integrated experiences and digital accelerators drive digital transformation.

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Improving company culture at Grupo Santander with StarMeUp

An efficient implementation of StarMeUp to recognize employees and boost morale.

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A new approach to software development for Rockwell Automation

Embracing agile to co-develop automation systems with a new methodology. 

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2023 Trends in the world of work

Organizations that don't adapt can't survive. In this report, you will find trends and information that can help you change your organization, focus, and measure what is really important. With these insights, you can help your organization to adapt to work dynamics and thrive.

Powering cultural transformation

For any organization seeking reinvention, cultural transformation is the key enabler to make changes happen.

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