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Elevate brand loyalty with tech-enabled emotional connections

Comprehensive loyalty strategies that cultivate meaningful customer engagement, while driving sustainable business value



Retaining customers is even more profitable than getting new ones. Unlock the full potential of brand loyalty with Globant's cutting-edge technology and a customer-centric approach. By creating one-of-a-kind experiences, we generate end-to-end solutions that are designed to build, nourish, and foster customer engagement across industries, fueling sustainable business success.


What we do to power-up your business


We ideate end-to-end customer engagement strategies for long-term business profitability. By leveraging the knowledge of subject-matter experts, we design personalized rewards and incentives experiences that strengthen connections between brand and consumer.


By executing tech-agnostic strategies that maximize organizational value, we provide brands with the foundations they need to serve their customers best. By implementing scalable solutions, and calling on Globant’s signature platforms, such as WaaSabi and BeHealthy, we rise to every challenge.


Leaning on the Create network, we design and implement robust loyalty management across different geographies to ensure a dynamic and engaging program that responds to customer demands. By overseeing business operations and leveraging technology platforms like Navigate (Globant’s signature process intelligence platform for business operations and incident management), we fuel profitability for sustainable business success.


Harnessing the power of cutting-edge technologies like blockchain and Digital Assets, AI, VR, and the metaverse, together with gamification techniques to elevate the engagement rate, we formulate strategies to supercharge loyalty programs and unlock new revenue streams.


By connecting brands with key players through strategic alliances, we capitalize on Globant’s global presence to generate a strong partnership ecosystem. By helping clients expand into new markets, we maximize business impact.

Unleashing Business Success


Our Loyalty Studio collaborates with some of the world’s leading companies across multiple industries, offering innovative solutions that enhance customer loyalty.


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