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Top-tier technology for top-tier sports organizations

The leaders in sports are leveling up their tech capabilities

Winning titles is now only a part of finding success in the sports industry management. To stay champions, world-class sports organizations are growing into world-class technology companies. To outperform competitors on and off the field, sports organizations must maximize sponsorship value year after year while still overdelivering on the fan experience. We’ve partnered with some of the biggest names in sports, leveraging data, technology, gaming, and AI technology to increase reach and build sustainable fan engagement while increasing monetization opportunities.


Augmented Data

We bring the latest technologies to your business to make it data-driven across all departments: better athlete performance, boosting commercial revenue and efficiencies in the team and operations management. By providing timely in game data to the team, coaches and training staff are able to make split second and game winning decisions. Also, from scalable data lakes infrastructure, to data-based products and innovative data-as a service solutions, we turn data into a strategic asset for sports industry companies.


Fan Engagement

We utilize technology to generate new conversations and maximize loyalty with new and existing fans by leveraging zero-party data to generate hyper-personal interactions.

Fantasy and E-Sports

Reach younger generations, build the future sports fans and retain existing ones by tapping into gaming. From building games, leveraging gaming strategies to connect your digital assets, to entering the Metaverse, we enable leagues and teams turn spectators into participants using cutting-edge participatory technology in the sports industry.

Sponsorship acceleration

Utilizing cutting-edge digital tools, we empower your partners to maximize the return on investment of sponsorship deals and ensure repeat business.


Reach and engage new audiences with your content through AI and stream it to your fans wherever they are. Reinvent and overdeliver in a rapidly changing landscape in the sports industry.

Next Gen Venues

Through a mix of augmented reality, interactive seating, sustainability, image recognition, edge computing, machine learning models, and more, smart stadiums will not only extend the physical experience of sports but reinvent it by providing a new way of accessing the event, enhancing and extending it in the sports industry.

AI-powered solutions

Harnessing our cross-industry knowledge and deep AI expertise to solve real-world challenges and unlock new opportunities in the Sports industry.

  • Maximizing Sponsorship Revenue
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AI is changing the game
AI opens up new possibilities for the world of sports, from fan engagement to operational strategies, inviting new revenue streams and creating unparalleled fan experiences. Learn more by reading our report Applied AI Sports, AI is changing the game.

Dominate Every Field with Cutting-Edge Technology


Globant's Sports Studio offers innovative solutions that combine cutting-edge technology expertise with business consulting. From artificial intelligence and gamification to streaming and data-driven solutions, we'll help you create unforgettable fan experiences. Score big with Globant!

Get a competitive advantage with our set of products
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Maker is a comprehensive sports CMS that empowers organizations to effortlessly create and manage their customized digital platforms. With e-commerce, gamification, ticketing, social media, and sponsor promotions integrated, our all-in-one solution allows for a seamless launch of your unique digital presence in the sporting goods wholesale and sporting goods retail industry. Our method, toolkit, and support package ensure a smooth and efficient process for building and maintaining your tailored digital platform.

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Content Protection

Protect your content globally with 360º defense. Content Protection offers broadcasters and rights holders cutting-edge cloud-based security services, safeguarding digital channels from audiovisual piracy and brand counterfeiting. Utilizing AI and machine learning, they detect and target illegal activity in real-time, swiftly removing unauthorized content through strategic alliances with major hosting platforms.


Elevate your team's performance and match content with our cutting-edge integrated solution for tactical, physical, and video data, enhancing game management with real-time monitoring of 600+ metrics and live alerts. An integrated video analysis platform provides instant access to data and video for informed decision-making. New data visualizations allow for viewing patterns of play and player fitness levels during live matches. Custom reports enable downloading individual player or team stats from any competition match.

OTT Platform-image
OTT Platform

Experience an exceptional multi-device OTT streaming platform, delivering live and VOD content worldwide in any language. Enjoy seamless integration across the web, app, and Smart TV, with modular architecture for adaptability, and monetize with advertising, pay-per-view, or subscription models. Own and operate your CMS effortlessly while advanced analytics provide valuable insights into fan behavior.

Fantasy Gaming-image
Fantasy Gaming

Add a new dimension to your competition, compellingly combining gaming and real-world environments, creating an engaging experience for fans and sponsors. With global availability and multilingual support, sponsors gain new advertising spaces and data-driven campaigns for revenue generation. The platform offers monetizable services like in-game purchases, unique transfer opportunities, and imaginative marketing options for companies in the sports industry.

Competition Management Apps
Competition Management Apps

Streamline operations with cutting-edge digital solutions: AI-powered Calendar Selector for optimal match schedules, Kit Selector for seamless kit selection and upload, Matchday platform for real-time team management, Referee Hub for efficient referee assignment and match tracking, and Academy Manager for managing sports academies and tracking player data. Embrace AI, centralize information, automate processes, ensure multi-device compatibility, and leverage data analytics for enhanced performance.

Business Intelligence & Analytics
Business Intelligence & Analytics

Revolutionize your organization with cutting-edge sports data analytics. Our platform offers real-time insights from various sources, including stadium attendance, TV audiences, social media, and more. Personalized dashboards provide custom views of key metrics. Simplified reporting with clear visuals and competitor analysis using public data sources ensure you stay ahead of the game. Identify new trends and growth opportunities by analyzing your digital assets and comparing them to sports industry statistics.

Transfer Tracker
Transfer Tracker

Bring new sources of revenue with our groundbreaking solution empowering football clubs to generate sustainable growth. Utilizing advanced big data analytics, football entities can uncover owed compensation payments for players trained in their academies. Our ongoing consultancy handles the entire claim process, delivering bespoke reports of eligible transfers. Proven results with Sevilla FC for over 2 years.

Tyche: anti-match fixing-image
Tyche: anti-match fixing

Stay ahead of the game and protect the integrity of sports with our advanced technology. Our cutting-edge system combines the power of neural networks and expert analysts to monitor global betting markets in real time, detecting potential match-fixing incidents. With access to vast historical match data and analyzing over 800,000 daily registrations from top betting companies, alerts are generated when suspicious betting patterns emerge.

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