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Top-tier technology for top-tier sports organizations

The leaders in sports are leveling up their tech capabilities

Winning titles is now only a part of finding success in the sports industry. To stay champions, world-class sports organizations are growing into world-class technology companies. To outperform competitors on and off the field, sports organizations must maximize sponsorship value year after year, while still overdelivering on the fan experience. We’ve partnered with some of the biggest names in sports, leveraging data, technology, and gaming to increase reach and build sustainable fan engagement, while increasing monetization opportunities.


Fan Engagement

We utilize technology to generate new conversations and maximize loyalty with new and existing fans by leveraging zero-party data to generate hyper-personal interactions.

Fantasy and E-Sports

We help leagues turn spectators into participants using cutting-edge participatory technology.

Sponsorship acceleration

Utilizing cutting-edge digital tools, we empower your partners to maximize the return on investment of sponsorship deals and ensure repeat business.


Reach and engage new audiences with your content through AI and stream it to your fans wherever they are. Reinvent and overdeliver in a rapidly changing landscape.

Next Gen Venues

Through a mix of augmented reality, interactive seating, sustainability, image recognition, edge computing, and more, smart stadiums will not only extend the physical experience of sports but reinvent it by providing a new way of accessing the event, enhancing and extending it.

Augmented Strategies

We bring the latest technologies to improve training and overall athlete performance. By providing timely in game data to the organization, coaches and training staff are able to make split second and game winning decisions.

Dominate Every Field with Cutting-Edge Technology


Globant's Sports Studio offers innovative solutions that combine cutting-edge technology expertise with business consulting. From AI and gamification to streaming and data-driven solutions, we'll help you create unforgettable fan experiences. Score big with Globant!

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