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Quality Engineering

Enabling quality everywhere

Innovate through engineering to reduce business risks

The success of your business is directly tied to the quality of complex and highly integrated software. Your software drives opportunities, but also exposes you to new risks. Only a high quality product has a chance of succeeding in today's market.

Our Quality Engineering Studio focuses on reducing business risks. We provide a comprehensive suite of innovative and robust testing services that ensure high-quality products to meet the needs of demanding, technology-avid users.

Cutting edge quality strategies increase test efficiency, decrease time to market and reduce the risks inherent in producing challenging digital journeys.

Our AI-Solution


was born in our Studio to streamline QA processes with artificial intelligence. 
It automates repetitive tasks, boosting teams' productivity and helping businesses deliver digital experiences faster without compromising quality.

Visual Testing Capabilities
Leverage Computer Vision to speed up visual validations from weeks to minutes

Generative AI Capabilities
Improve test generation and execution with Generative AI, reducing 56% the task completion time


Agile testing

Although many organizations have adopted Agile methodologies to build quality into their practices, testing and quality remain a challenge for teams.

  • With our expertise in Agile testing, we help organizations adapt their testing approaches and tools, as well as their traditional roles and responsibilities to these new practices.
  • Agile testing involves an early and deep analysis of the end customer’s needs, combined with an impact-oriented approach to reduce risks.
Automation testing

We have deep expertise in offering test automation services and developing test automation solutions and frameworks.

  • Test automation is a key testing practice to increase test efficiency, reduce time to market, and be less prone to the human error inherent in manual testing.
  • Our test automation services go beyond just scripting; we help organizations handle future requests through smoke testing, regression testing, integration testing, web services testing, and other automated processes.
Load and performance testing

We help organizations create a 360 degree performance test plan. Our services cover the spectrum from the backend and database, to mobile app and frontend performance testing.

  • We are experts in application performance monitoring. We identify in real-time the user experience, resource consumption, and map transactions and applications to infrastructure components.
  • We use different tools to identify the issues that affect loading and rendering time, code quality and the user experience.
AI testing

We use AI-based tools to improve, enhance and enable testing strategies. We also use testing strategies to evaluate and improve the performance of AI-systems.

  • With machine learning we improve the performance of test automation frameworks. Our AI testing services include functional, differential, and UX/UI testing.
  • For organizations implementing and using machine learning models, we can define and implement customized testing strategies to assess and validate different machine learning models.
Game testing

Our team of gaming professionals have deep experience in launching AAA games to market. We work from the upfront design to testing, to market launch and continuous development.

  • We bring together expertise in game development and testing, and our services span the spectrum of different gaming platforms.
  • We offer dedicated gaming frontend and backend quality engineering services, ranging from functional and performance testing to GUI, security, and API testing.
Mobile testing

Testing mobile applications, whether hybrid or native, requires thoughtful planning to guarantee adequate coverage across different devices and platforms.

  • We offer compatibility testing, responsive design testing, test automation, and acceptance testing, among other practices.
  • We have experience scaling mobile testing and providing comprehensive testing strategies for some of the world’s largest companies.
Data testing

One of the main challenges facing businesses today is how to make sense of all the data they collect. To do this, they need consistent, quality data.

  • Our QE experts work alongside data scientists to help our clients build testing strategies to ensure high quality data.
  • Our data quality services include evaluating different data levels, ensuring data consistency, and checking business rules.
Accessibility testing

Today's digital solutions need to provide equal access and opportunity to people with disabilities though compliance with accessibility standards.

  • We help our customers to improve the quality of their digital products, removing barriers that prevent interactions and ensuring accessibility.
  • We help organizations adhere to standards such as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (WCAG).
Media OTT testing

We have a team of specialized media over-the-top (OTT) testing engineers. We assess media OTT applications against market trends, expected quality levels, user experience, and store certification validations.

  • We offer predefined test scenarios, together with the ability to customize to your needs.
  • In addition to functional requirements, we provide multi-location testing, load & performance validation, UX testing, live & video on-demand content validation.
Conversational interfaces testing

Text-based (chatbots) and voice-based (voice assistants) conversational interfaces can deliver powerful experiences. But mimicking human interactions is highly challenging.

  • It’s not enough for conversational systems to understand a customer. Our team can help ensure you also deliver an enjoyable and friendly experience.
  • Our team brings together expertise in several disciplines, including voice UI design, interaction, visual, motion and audio design, and UX writing.

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