Quality Engineering

The success of your business is directly tied to the quality of complex and highly integrated software. Your software drives opportunities, but also exposes you to new risks. Only a high quality product has a chance of succeeding in today’s market.

Our Quality Engineering Studio focuses on reducing our clients’ business risks. We provide a comprehensive suite of innovative and robust testing services that ensure high-quality products to meet the needs of demanding, technology-avid users. Cutting edge quality strategies increase test efficiency, decrease time to market and reduce the risks inherent in producing challenging digital journeys.


  • FT


    Comprehensive QA service to ensure that the final system/service delivered to our clients meets and exceeds their business requirements - ensuring maximum quality. Our QC analysts are involved in the software development process right from the start, helping clients to identify the needs of their audience and prepare for accurate targeting suitability on the products we’ll be creating together.

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  • LPT


    Measuring and assessing the performance of widely used global sites and applications is a technically challenging and multidisciplinary effort. Because testing is not just validating that the system executes what one lone user does. A test strategy that deserves its name needs to consider a wider, real life scenario and to analyze a product as it will ultimately run, ensuring: Responsiveness, Throughput, Scalability, Reliability, Resource Usage. Our practice includes Stress Testing, Load Testing, Performance Testing.

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  • MT


    In a digital world the need of expanding horizons has become a priority for every product owner who knows his way. Supporting multiple devices and platforms, and planning for production monitoring approaches is the ultimate path to achieve end-to-end quality. Done through: Compatibility testing, Responsive design testing, Test Automation, Acceptance Testing among other practices.

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  • TA


    We have deep expertise in offering test automation services and developing test automation solutions and frameworks. We believe test automation is a key testing practice to increase test efficiency, reduce time to market and be less prone to human error inherent in manual testing. Test automation is more than just scripting; it is preparing to efficiently handle future requests through: Smoke testing, Regression testing, Integration testing, Services Testing and other automated processes.

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