We Are Globant

We use the latest technologies in the digital-cognitive fields to transform your organization in every aspect

The digital and the cognitive revolutions are affecting how companies connect with users and employees. Companies are simultaneously looking to boost their consumer experiences and to transform themselves internally. Globant is a pure play on the digital and cognitive space. We leverage the latest technologies and methodologies to help organizations transform in every aspect. We want to transform the world, one step at a time. We thrive by transforming organizations for a digital and cognitive future, and we dream to transform our industry with world-class opportunities for talent around the globe.

Our History

Four friends in a bar. That’s how our story began back in 2003. They shared a common dream that we still pursue: to become the best company in delivering profound transformations for organizations, while generating global career opportunities for IT professionals throughout the world.

Globant was founded by Martin Migoya, Guibert Englebienne, Martin Umaran and Nestor Nocetti.
We opened our offices in UK.
We were named Endeavor Entrepreneur.
We opened our first office outside Buenos Aires, a development center in Tandil, the first milestone towards creating a decentralized company which brings opportunities closer to the talent.
We acquired two companies to deepen specialization in Microsoft Technologies (Accendra) and Infrastructure Services (Openware). Closed a financing round with Riverwood Capital and FTV Capital.
We created our Studio model to deepen our expertise on latest practices and technologies.
Gartner Inc. named Globant a “Cool Vendor,” in its Cool Vendors in Business Process Services 2010 report.
We closed an investment round with Riverwood Capital and FTV Capital. We acquired San Francisco-based Nextive to expand our expertise in Mobile technologies.
We acquired Brazil-based TerraForum to reinforce our expertise in innovation and global footprint. Globant disembarked in Antarctica to develop software in the most southern continent in the world.
We acquired majority stake in Huddle and expands operation to Chile.
We did our IPO at the NYSE, with shares traded under the symbol "GLOB."
We acquired Clarice Technologies, an innovative software company with operations in India.
We launched the book: "The Never Ending Digital Journey". We acquired WAE, to expand our operations in London and New York, and L4 Digital to reinforce our position as a leader in digital services.
We were recognized by IDC Marketscape as leaders in digital customer experience and acquired Ratio for strategy in the US and the technology agency Point Source
Two great launches, StarMeUp an operating system for organizations and the book "How to Embrace Artificial Intelligence".
We acquired Avanxo, a leading cloud transformation company, and Belatrix, strengthening our positioning in digital and cognitive transformation.
We acquired gA, to reinforce leadership in digital and cognitive transformation, and BlueCap to strengthen consulting services in the financial sector. We launched our Globant Awards and Augmented Coding.

Management Team

Our reports

Take a look at our Annual Reports where we communicate our triple results: financial, social and environmental.

Moving to 100% renewable energy

2020 Apr

Increasing the environmental awareness

2019 May

Mitigate the footprint we have in the environment

2018 May

New energy efficiency plan

2017 May

Energy-efficient led lights, shutdown timer and automatic movement sensors

2016 May

Reducing energy consumption per capita in each office

2015 May

Bringing technology to the community

2014 May

The challenge of managing diversity

2013 May

Sustainability Scheme: Business, People and Integrity

2012 May



31 Jul 2019

Martín Migoya, CEO, Globant, wins Gold and Bronze for the CEO of the Year Award.


28 Jun 2019

2019 Best Interiors of Latin America & the Caribbean Winners


15 Nov 2017

Globant won a Gold Lovie Award for The Metropolitan Police Website in Websites - Government & Civic


15 Sep 2012

Was recognized among the top 10 vendors in mobile applications development (2012) by IDC Survey.


01 Sep 2010

Entrepreneurs to watch, by The World Economic Forum (2010)


31 Mar 2010

2010 Cool Vendor in Business Process Services by Gartner


01 Feb 2007

Top emerging global IT service provider by Global Services (2007) and as one of the highest Rising Star on the IAOP ‘s 2010/2011 Global Outsourcing 100 list


03 Jun 2005

The four founders were selected as Endeavor Entrepreneurs