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This Quality Policy is established and reviewed during each management review meeting, and is communicated and understood by all levels of our company - for its continuing suitability and effectiveness in achieving the aims of this Quality Policy. While developing the Quality Policy, Globant considered the following aspects:

  • It is appropriate to our organization and its business.
  • It includes a commitment to ensure continual improvement.
  • It is communicated to all employees and understood by all.
  • It is periodically reviewed for suitability..
  • Top management is responsible to ensure that the organization abides by the policy

Globant is committed to achieving customer satisfaction by:

P1 Meeting customer’s expectations: Organizations can meet the needs of their clients only with a good understanding of what their needs and expectations are. Globant is committed to analyzing customer needs and identifying their expectations in order to meet them.

P2 Promoting Best Practices and a Continuous Improvement Culture: Continuous process improvement produces better products through more reliable and efficient processes, which enhances customer satisfaction and adds value to their business. Knowing this principle and being Customer Oriented, Globant is committed to promoting cultural change in the company to embed the philosophy of continuous improvement in Globant´s DNA.

P3 Fostering a creative and innovative environment: Globant: systematically and deliberately identifies new ideas and ways of doing things better.  As a successful organization we always challenge assumptions, create solutions, and look at problems from different perspectives. Globant knows this and is committed to generating a creative and innovative environment for this purpose.

P4 Developing the skills of our professionals: The technical and business knowledge Globant has been acquiring since it was born, is one of our most valuable assets - together with our Globers. Globant constantly aims to recruit the most qualified people and is committed to nurturing and honing the talent and skills of our employees. Training and development programs have been designed and enacted to improve competence in all areas, and provide complete customer satisfaction. 

P5 Focusing on a sustainable business and sharing that vision: Globant develops a shared business vision with the client, rather than focusing solely on costs, schedules and system performance.Creating customer loyalty is increasingly important to maintain revenue streams. Fulfillment is an important customer "touch point" that can impact whether your prospects become clients and your clients become loyal. This strategy ensures a healthy business for both client and Globant, by following the path of continuous growth and reinvestment.

P6 Making Globant the best place to work in the industry: Globant promotes a cheerful and relaxed working environment in all of their offices.Besides working on world class IT projects for distinguished clients across the globe, employees also have the chance to improve their own personal skills, develop a fulfilling career and have fun at work.

P7 Ensuring Customer Privacy Policy: Globant is aware of how important and critical it is for the services we provide to keep the customer´s proprietary information in strict confidentiality. This information may include, but is not limited to, written submissions (papers, e-mails, fax, instant messaging) and oral communications (telephone calls, conversations). Globant is committed to guaranteeing confidentiality and respecting the ownership rights of client information.

P8 Committed to meeting requirements: Our commitment to quality goes beyond addressing the needs of our clients. From suppliers, to collaborators, to regulatory agencies, any party which has an interest in the services we are providing, we commit to meeting their requirements. 

This policy provides the basis for setting the goals to assess the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.