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Enhancing passengers experience through digital innovation

Where industry reinvention takes flight, we make aviation business solutions for the future

Within an exceptionally complex business landscape, we leverage our cross-industry expertise to help reinvent a highly competitive and regulated industry. We drive digital transformation by putting the passenger experience front and center in all strategies using artificial intelligence solutions and tools.
We create digital solutions for airlines that empower passengers to manage the complete lifecycle of their journey in a highly personalized manner.


Airlines eCommerce - One Order

We provide strategic consulting to our clients that aim to mitigate complexities in their businesses and embrace an order-centric approach. Our expertise spans various airline IT solutions to enhance efficiency and profitability.

Our airline software solutions ensure streamlined processes, leveraging the power of data, we help our clients build customized, unique experiences for their passengers, enabling them to handle trips, products, or services all together in a seamless manner.

New Distribution Capabilities (NDC)

We provide public API consulting that leverages our extensive experience in NDC and OpenTravel industry standards across different versions and implementation strategies as an alternative to classic indirect channel solutions.

NDC Strategy allows airlines independence from GDSs for distributions, enabling better and more specific ancillary offerings and improved fulfillment capabilities.

Augmented Revenue Management

We aim to augment Revenue Management Analysts capabilities through the use of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

Leveraging machine learning and advanced visualization, we provide analysts with a better understanding of what’s happening in the marketplace, enabling the automation of the simpler and more mechanical decisions while allowing them to work on more complex decisions: the ones that represent the greater opportunity for revenue improvement.

Hyper Connected Operations

In a world reshaped by the pandemic, airlines have a significant opportunity to embrace AI services to boost operations and crew management. Its use enables faster decision-making and better communication with the crew and ground personnel. It allows rapid and effective IROPS management and real-time optimization by detecting already identified patterns and simulating “what-if scenarios” proactively.

An integrated customer database with a crew system enables a better customer relationship management of FFP with a higher level of personalization, as well as better visibility of customer needs and situations during a disruption.

Conversational User Experience

We leverage machine learning techniques and AI solutions to increase the ability of the passenger to interact in a human-like way with IVRs and contact centers, enabling a better experience for complex customer needs.

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