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Sustainable Business

Creating business legitimacy in the new green economy
Sustainable Business | Globant Hero Block
Globant’s Sustainability Studio operates at the intersection of digital technology and sustainability, bringing together new know-how, expertise, and competence.
Our Services

Sustainability has been for a long time a harm avoidance practice. But we believe that climate change is fundamentally impacting people and organizations, putting at risk their very legitimacy within public, private and civil society. This calls for a new approach.

To be ready and stay relevant in the new green economy, companies need different rules, processes and expertise. We provide organizations and stakeholders with the tools and the know-how to build their climate roadmap in favour of just transitions and climate actions. We support organizations embracing a problem-solving approach based on Agenda 2030 to achieve responsible business.

  • E-missions
  • Sustainability today
  • Up with climate
  • We support businesses analyzing and then implementing solutions to reduce their emissions. Within our e-missions services, we offer:

    • Carbon numbers. We provide technical expertise and digital tools to manage and reduce energy, carbon and resource footprints on a path to certifying carbon neutrality.
    • Roadmap 51 to 0. The global challenge is to reduce CO2 emissions from 51 billion tons to 0 in the next 30 years. We work to create fundamental organizational-wide changes, with technology at the core, to support enterprises and value-chains in their sustainable and zero-carbon transitions.
  • We foster cultural transformation and maturity through collaborative practices that honor sustainability, diversity, and inclusion. Our legitimacy awareness offerings include:

    • Climate for C-level. We provide targeted consulting and training for senior executives to explore how to drive their businesses forward in the new green economy. We share the business rationale why every organization in the world needs to understand and adapt to climate change.
    • Sustain-abilities. We provide organizational-wide training programs to promote the essential cultural change that needs to occur for businesses to achieve long-term success.
  • We offer an analysis of climate material risks and opportunities. We diagnose and produce reports on environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG), and climate due diligence. Our services include:

    • Climate champions. We use company surveys to test the climate and sustainability waters of organizations. Climate champions will emerge as key players and game-changers. This will help detect those areas where companies need to focus.
    • Climate finance profile. We guide executives through sustainability metrics of previously neglected climate risks. We implement reporting standards to connect businesses and investors on the financial impacts of climate and sustainability.