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Sustainable Business

Reinventing business through climate action and sustainable tech

Join the trailblazers creating the future of sustainable enterprise

We operate at the intersection of digital technology and sustainability, spinning organizations towards twin transitions

We are living through a time of unprecedented climate, societal, and technological change. Companies need forward-thinking disruptive strategies, partnerships, and know-how to be ready and stay relevant in the new green economy.

Tech and digital solutions enable organizations to embrace this new opportunity, where Environment, Society, and Governance become the relevant impact metrics. At Globant, we go one step further. That is why we added the concepts of Innovation, Inclusion, and Impact to the current ESG dimensions, creating an ESG+I approach.

We offer our clients tech-based and data-driven sustainable business solutions, altogether a practice that we call IT for Green.


Sustainable Business Consulting

Climate and technology strategies go in parallel tracks. Separated roadmaps, unaligned stakeholders, and skill gaps are still barriers for organizations to accelerate reinvention. Our Sustainable Tech strategies and programs lead to actionable carbon neutrality roadmaps based on our Data, IoT, Blockchain, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence technology practices, and many more.

Awareness & Readiness

To embed Sustainability within the DNA of an organization, change starts from within. We foster a holistic approach to sustainable culture through bespoke and tailored sessions, training, e-learnings, change management, and adoption programs.

Carbon Numbers

Through a science-based and data-driven approach, we calculate carbon, energy, water, and waste budgets for processes and supply chains to provide transparent sustainability metrics for all organizations on their path towards carbon neutrality and beyond.

Climate Finance

Understanding, planning, and disclosing the financial opportunities, risks, and implications of climate change are paramount for all businesses.
We help our clients and partners comprehend and forecast climate finance risks through transparent, impactful, and responsible reporting practices and frameworks, such as TCFD, SASB, and SBTi.

Digital Sobriety & Green IT

IT represents approximately 5% of current global emissions. As a tech company, we front-run sustainable IT driving energy efficiency bit by bit. We help organizations reduce digital footprints by creating a low-carbon coding culture through best practices and training.

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