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Stay Relevant
Stay Relevant
Our mission is to provide valuable information to help organizations through their transformation processes. For us, it’s our passion to deliver insights that will empower our clients to remain at the forefront of users' expectations.

How We Do it

We strive to bring organizations the insights that will help organizations create the right strategy for their business.


Our signature events that bring together some of the best creative minds in the industry for one amazing day of igniting stories, inventive ideas, learning experiences, and "wow" technology showcase that enable attendees to re-think the new ways they do business.

Reports & White Papers

We create special reports that analyze trends and the impact these have on businesses.

Sentinel Report

The goal of the sentinel report is to provide insightful evidence of consumer behavior and market trends that ignite strategic thinking.


Our webinars explore different trends and technologies in depth showcasing views from experts in the field.


Our experts have written the following books: “Embracing the Power of AI. A gentle CXO Guide” will help you demystify deep learning, machine learning, and artificial intelligence―and embrace the augmented intelligence revolution ahead. “The Never Ending Digital Journey” provides readers with the concepts and steps needed to create successful user experiences. The authors look ahead and explore digital scenarios of the future.


The playground is an inspirational space where Globant DNA and all successful digital journeys are showcased in real time. It provides an in-depth experience for companies to start and accelerate their digital evolution lifecycle.


Our blog is a great way to explore content on the latest trends and best practices in the different industries we work with.


We host events catered to many audiences, from small events for specific guests or partners to large events that welcome the community in full. Each event looks to bring exciting speakers and networking possibilities.


From stories told firsthand by women who are leading the way in the tech field, to conversations around technology trends and the fast-paced gaming industry, we offer a variety of podcasts to keep you informed and inspired.