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Media & Entertainment

Reach and engage new audiences

Reinvent and overdeliver in the rapidly changing media landscape

The media industry is at a tipping point. Technological disruption is changing the rules of the game. To stay relevant, companies need to understand how customers’ lifestyles, decisions, and habits are influenced by technology and meet their expectations. We partner with our clients to build meaningful relationships with their customers by providing the most effective and relevant ways of creating, managing, delivering, and monetizing content.



More than ever, we are experiencing fast-paced changes in the Media & Entertainment industry, looking for the first player to adopt disruptive digital technologies and focus on consumer preferences. On this journey, we help radio and media operators optimize their broadcast platforms by combining cloud-based enterprise AI platforms and everything-as-a-service (XaaS) models.

Streaming Experiences

We design, build, launch and sustain premium video experiences across multiple regions and in every mobile device, OTT box, Smart TV, and Game Console for the best media companies in the world, driving user engagement and increasing monetization. We also provide innovation creating completely new experiences.

Media Supply Chain

It's not just about apps. Media solutions are highly complex, fragmented and interdependent. Every step in the workflow is critical. Everything must operate as part of a larger whole, seamlessly.

We understand and provide services that support the entire media supply chain; from ingest and transcode through to content distribution and publishing, all the way to user experience and playout.

Quality Lab

We use the latest technologies in Quality Engineering, including Test Automation and Load & Performance Testing, because we know that QA process is a core part of the development lifecycle. We will ensure the quality and consistency of the experience across an ever growing ecosystem of devices and platforms, being also able to handle high volume events.

Customer Insights & Monetization

With digital disruption comes new business models and new customers altogether. In this context: how do we acquire, engage and retain customers that we might not know or understand?

Combining our capabilities in Digital Marketing, Big Data, Analytics, and AI, we build modern, scalable customer-centric data platforms, tracking and aggregating all touchpoints along their journey to better understand their needs and preferences, improve their experience, reduce churn, and boost LTV to position your business as a cutting-edge AI tech company.

Reliability Operations Center

By combining artificial intelligence as a service and our expertise in Cloud Engineering, DevOps, and Cybersecurity, our clients will be able to empower their businesses. We help them accelerate and automate deployments of new features, as well as improve time to resolution of production issues and increase overall platform reliability and security. At the same time, their platforms, cloud environments and systems can be optimized through smart monitoring with a cost-effective and scalable solution that can drive significant savings in OPEX costs.

Success Stories

Globant and DIRECTV bring the Wold Cup to the metaverse

A virtual stadium that blurred the barriers between physical and digital to reinvent entertainment.

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direct tv image
direct tv image

Globant and LLA: Building a predictive model for decision-making

Transforming customer relationships with Integrated insights from Salesforce Analytics Cloud.

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liberty latam image
liberty latam image
media and entertainment featured work


AI APPLIED: How AI is changing the narrative

Technology fuels the storytelling ecosystem and continues to be a foundational growth driver for the Media and Entertainment industry. Discover how AI is introducing new ways for audiences and businesses to experience stories.

Unraveling the OTT Landscape

AI, the new story in the media and entertainment industry

Unscripted Tech is a Globant original podcast about the trends reshaping the technology landscape... and how we respond to them. 

Artificial intelligence has transformed the media and entertainment sector. It has revolutionized how content is generated, disseminated, and enjoyed. AI offers limitless potential for creativity but also brings fresh obstacles to the industry as it navigates uncharted territories. The extent of AI's ongoing effects on narrative crafting remains to be revealed.

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