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Google Cloud

A new era in speed and agility for your business with Google Cloud Services

Become cloud-first with Google Cloud


With over two decades of experience leveraging cutting-edge technologies, Globant helps businesses stay ahead ensuring our clients succeed in the cloud-first era and achieve their digital transformation goals.

With our 360-degree partnership with Google Cloud, we have made significant investments in building a world class talent pool across the platform, with capabilities spanning across multiple aspects of the Google Cloud product area. We enable organizations to transform their business, modernize their platforms, secure their workloads, and take data-driven decisions leveraging the most out of Google Cloud Services.


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Services that create results

Google Cloud migration

We enable businesses to rapidly migrate to Google Cloud, and then continue to provide full support post-migration.

Virtual Machines Lift & Shift

We migrate your virtual machines from On-Prem or any other Cloud Provider to GCP Compute Instances. VPC networks guarantee robust connectivity, and load-balancing strategies provide scalability.

Move to managed Databases

We migrate your database infrastructure, providing all the consistency and the exceptional performance that Google Cloud Services offer. Cloud SQL instances will support your business on small size migrations. Spanner and BigQuery will broaden your capacity in larger scenarios.

Data Lakes and Data Warehouses Modernization

As Google Cloud Partners, we are experts in data warehouse migration to the Google Big Data ecosystem, with fully integrated pipelines and data storage. Streaming and batch pipelines will be handled with distributed orchestrators, message brokers, and processing engines. Virtually limitless storage alternatives with blazing-fast analysis capabilities.

Cloud efficiency assessment

Our cloud efficiency assessment involves analyzing your current Google Cloud status, reviewing your cloud infrastructure, technologies and services and creating a comprehensive report with suggested improvements to transition to a better and more efficient cloud infrastructure utilization.

Meet Globant's Google Cloud Studio


Globant has been a strong collaborator with Google Cloud for more than 15 years, with a global team of Google Cloud-certified engineers dedicated to mastering the latest technologies and trends across industries.

The Google Cloud Studio supports clients across Globant’s multiple verticals to adopt and maximize the transformative benefits of Google Cloud, helping them to stay competitive and lead their industries in a rapidly-changing business landscape.

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Success Case



"Globant has enabled Gunpowder to scale into vertices we never thought possible. What used to take us weeks to accomplish is now done in minutes. We are thoroughly impressed with Globant and their vast team of knowledge that they can call on to accomplish what's previously been impossible."


Tom Taylor - Founder, Gunpowder


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We’re Google Partner of the Year!


2023 marks a milestone in our partnership with Google Cloud. For going above and beyond for customers, we received an award to recognize our solutions for the Media & Entertainment industry.

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