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Driving reinvention in financial institutions

Pivot and grow in the quickly changing financial landscape

The financial landscape is going through an unprecedented transformation to keep up with customers needs and expectations.The players who best adapt to continuous change, will ensure a stronger position.
This Studio brings in-depth expertise in the financial sector to help businesses reinvent. We design customized transformational programs tailored to our client’s needs, that boost new business models and strategies, while enhancing the experience of customers.


Commercial Effectiveness

The way financial institutions used to offer their services to customers has completely changed. 

Customer expectations are at an all-time high, competition is increasing, and margins are under constant pressure. We help financial institutions reinvent their commercial strategy, transforming their distribution model, customer value propositions, branch-network productivity and incentive schemes to gain efficiency and effectiveness in all customer interactions.

Finance, Sustainability & Regulation Analytics

Optimizing the results of financial institutions requires very efficient use of resources and capital. It also requires an accurate estimate of the benefits and costs of financial and non-financial risks, including all those related to sustainability. Based on expert knowledge in finance and regulation, and the use of advanced Data & AI capabilities, we are reinventing financial and capital management to adapt to new challenges.

Transformation and Post-merger Integration

The banking industry is going through continuous consolidation cycles, driven by the need to increase efficiency. We have been involved in some of the most relevant post-merger integration processes in the European banking sector. We help financial institutions design their target operating model and provide functional support and Smart PMO during the full integration process, with the aim of getting the best results in the least amount of time for the two merging entities.

Payment solutions & Open Banking

Banking is no longer somewhere you go, but something you do. As a result, banks are adapting to this new approach to financial service delivery as it is having wide-reaching effects, especially on payment solutions. Our expertise enables us to help financial institutions to completely change the way they think about their existing capabilities, fraud & acceptance models, processes, and customer journeys, among others.These solutions are driven by our deep knowledge of advanced analytics and also by considering new open banking trends and how they impact the entry of new competitors.

Digital Lending

The lending market is witnessing a paradigm shift towards digitalization. This transformation brings with it an opportunity for financial institutions to reinvent themselves and ensure a strong and competitive position.

We empower financial institutions to adopt the most innovative digital lending practices and enhance the experience for both banks and specialized lenders as well as consumers.

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AI APPLIED: A New Banking Era

This report dives into the financial sector’s journey to adopt AI smartly and efficiently, highlighting this innovation process’s challenges, changes, opportunities, and rewards.

Case Studies


Business strategy and end-to-end platform engineering converge to create an innovative ecosystem of payment solutions.

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Prisma - mobile.

A technological forward for Itaú

A customized digital platform to optimize the experience of its corporate clients.

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Interbank: empowering entrepreneurs with a new mobile platform

Using Google Cloud Platform to help entrepreneurs better manage their business with Nando.

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Interbank - mobile
Interbank -

AI in the world of finance

Unscripted Tech is a Globant original podcast about the trends reshaping the technology landscape... and how we respond to them. 

Artificial intelligence is shifting the financial industry in every area, from customer experience to risk assessment. In this episode, Lander Gamboa Sanz, Director of the Finance Studio at Globant, Rachel Armstrong, Studio Partner at Globant UK, and Carlos Gonzalez Aguado, Partner of the Finance Studio, discuss practical applications of AI in banking, the readiness of companies to implement AI, and the ethical implications of these technologies.


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