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Where mobility meets scale 

Top brands in the world are investing in the future of mobility.

Vehicles are quickly evolving into software digital platforms, with AI, cloud and other technologies accelerating the change. We’re enthusiastic about leveraging opportunities in this industry, building the bridge from where the automotive industry is coming from, to where it’s going. Our experts and partners are creating cutting-edge solutions, scaling and enhancing customer experiences, leveraging AI for efficiency and boosting new business models, building the future of mobility.


Services that create results

Software-Defined Vehicle

Vehicles are now supercomputers, and their software is the new fuel. We help OEM’s and mobility companies with the implementation of software architecture to better access, understand, use, and update services necessary for new mobility solutions.

Mobile Customer Engagement

The power is in your hands. We increase customer engagement with designed personalized marketing content, engaging digital experiences, and real-time data analysis.

Connected Mobility

There’s power in connection. Unlock the power of the vast data lake to build intelligent, personalized features and revenue-generating mobility services.

Autonomous Driving

The future of mobility belongs to autonomous cars. We help our clients implement autonomous systems, robotics, and machine learning to accelerate autonomous vehicle development.

Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Smart factories make smart vehicles. Improve manufacturing operations and overall equipment effectiveness by capturing, analyzing, and visualizing plant floor data. Implement AI and machine learning to process all supply chain information to track and trace the entire production process with unparalleled efficiency.

Product Engineering

Reduce time to market by empowering product developers and engineers to solve complex problems using high performance computing, model-based design, and large-scale parallel simulations.

Mobility enters the Metaverse

Utilizing our AAA gaming studio capabilities, all OEM’s are diving into the metaverse. We help our clients boost new revenue streams through the development and launch of gaming platforms, NFT design, product showcases, virtual venues and events, and even virtual immerse trainings.


The future of mobility is green. We support our clients to evolve into a responsible organization by embedding sustainability and sustainable innovation across the value chain. Future transportation technology will be sustainable.

Dive into the automotive world of the future.


The automotive industry has radically changed to move into the future. With AI and other technologies, we have been creating easier ways to get around and improving the experience.

Success Stories

Nissan: Reinventing CX with Customer 360°

Developing truly customer-centric operations built on data and insights throughout the shopping journey.

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Driving change forward in the Automotive Industry


AI is driving a revolution in the automotive industry, opening the door to a world of possibilities and advancements. Explore the potential of AI to transform manufacturing processes and improve the user experience. Learn more by reading our report.
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Automotive Studio | Applied AI
Automotive Studio | Applied AI
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Featured content

Connectivity takes over the driving experience

Cars have become much more than the medium to go from point A to point B. They are about the availability of digital services that can make our lives easier while we head to our destination. Industry disruptors are confident about the potential of connected vehicles to enhance customer experience.

500+ executives are looking for mobility insights.

AI speeds up the automotive industry

Unscripted Tech is a Globant original podcast about the trends reshaping the technology landscape... and how we respond to them. 

The features artificial intelligence brings to the automotive industry go far beyond the idea of a self-driving car. In this episode, Alvaro Pujals, Ezequiel Balduchi, and Martín Espina drive us through how AI impacts this industry, expanding our knowledge of how we can build vehicles are design cities.

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