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Be Kind to Yourself

Feel inspired and motivated to be your most vibrant self.

We believe that it is possible to be an organization where personal life purpose is aligned with company purpose. For that reason, we promote a healthy environment to unleash the full potential of all Globers. Body, mind, and spirit are connected to the present while we work to change the future of business and to create a way forward. Changing the world starts from within.

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Be Kind to Yourself ESG Commitments

At Globant we embrace our responsibility to be a force for positive change. We believe in technology as an enabler to seek reinvention and make the world a better place.

Initiatives to promote wellness at work:

100% of our globers worldwide impacted with a comprehensive wellness plan

A holistic approach for a more balanced life

We want to offer the best environment so that everyone can be the best version of themselves and develop their full potential. Health, joy, and balance serve as the engine of life. We use digital cultural tools and leverage technology to intentionally support organizational well-being.
Our work:
-Care for the mental health of all of our Globers
-Programs for self-knowledge and development of potentialities.
-Team happiness and resilience

Unleash your full potential

Be Kind to Yourself integrates all the benefits, campaigns, activities, and proposals of Globant from a comprehensive perspective, understanding that the well-being of our people depends on a good work-life balance and taking care of both physical and emotional health.

be kind to yourself
be kind to yourself



We offer

-Online doctor nutritionist appointment
-Webinars about health, nutrition, skincare and preventive medicine.
-Stop Smoking Program
-Sleep medicine
-Healthy snacks
-Active Pause Program
-Responsable Devices Usage
-Chairs available to pick up in the office
-Gym@Home platform
-Special Discounts in gyms

be kind to yourself
be kind to yourself



We facilitate spaces for:




-Wellness Activities


-Ikigai Interactive Sessions

-Universal Movement Sessions

be kind to yourself
be kind to yourself



Our main initiatives include

-Smart working: Set of individual and team practices to manage high job demands at a healthy workplace.
-Globant University “Be kind to yourself” path.
-Google Search Inside Yourself Program.
-Webinars about mental health, burnout, emotions, and more.
-100% free membership with Headspace, the #1 mindfulness app worldwide.

Valuing our wellbeing

We launched a broad range of efforts that help create new possibilities for Globers to keep acquiring tools that lead to their wellbeing, purpose, and fulfillment
Wellness Calendar

Existen muchas maneras en las que los Globers pueden incorporar el bienestar en su trabajo y vida diaria. Nuestro calendario de bienestar tiene un enfoque amplio y ofrece una gran variedad de actividades, desde meditación y yoga hasta webinars y turnos médicos. Desde el lanzamiento de Be Kind to Yourself en abril de 2021, más de 13.000 Globers participaron en estas actividades.

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Be Kind to Yourself Day

At Globant, we believe that having free time is essential to rest our minds, fill our bodies with positive energy, renew our spirits, vibrate in tune with our true selves and achieve our best version.
That's why Globers, with more than a year at Globant, has available the "BeKind to Yourself Day" exclusively created so that, when they need it, they can take a day to enjoy and connect with themselves in the way they like best.

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Insight Timer

We offer free access to Insight Timer Member Plus, the #1 wellness app with a daily mood check-in tool and over 150,000 guided meditations, courses, and work topics from leading mindfulness teachers, musicians, and psychologists that help to calm the mind, reduce anxiety, manage stress, sleep deeply, and improve happiness.

Insight timer
The power of bonding
We like to have fun and enjoy what we do, and we encourage this in our organization.

At Globant, we are known for creating collaborative work environments that are open and flexible and that stimulate creativity, job satisfaction, and the well-being of all our Globers and their families. With the purpose of fostering a positive, relaxed, and stimulating work environment, Globant promotes a culture built on the basis of shared experiences.

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