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Igniting Robotics with
a Digital Edge

Where digital, cutting-edge robotics meets sustainable innovation and enhances human potential.

Robotics is no longer just a trend, but a facilitator and optimizer of dangerous, repetitive, or impossible tasks for human beings. We rely on robotics solutions to be the meeting point between the internet of things, artificial intelligence, process optimization, and research, enabling us to bridge the gap between the dynamic, physical world and a highly scalable, adaptable, and digital one.

Services that create results


Empowering solutions for the command of a fleet of robots to anticipate and mitigate potential issues that could result in costly downtime or delays, and specialized teams supporting the integration and optimization of isolated robotic systems as part of an organization.

Robotics Prototyping

Teams of specialists with expertise in various industries, such as logistics, hospitality, and healthcare, working on the development of transformative experiences for autonomous robots and systems.

Autonomous Machines

Infusing insights from various industries into autonomous robotic systems powered by advanced computer vision and telemetry, Globant’s teams enhance operations with extensive software and firmware development expertise, creating a comprehensive, end-to-end experience.