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Process Optimization

Efficiency driven by technology
Process Optimization | Globant
Across the world, there is falling customer demand, leading to more intense competition. This means every business needs to have more efficient and resilient operations.

We partner with our clients to drive efficiency through technology, remove operative risk and prepare operations against uncertain events.

Our holistic approach combines business process expertise with software engineering DNA. The result is that our process designs are rigorous, feasible, long-lasting, and ready to ensure your sustained business success.



Globant’s Navigate AI Decision Platform uses cutting-edge technologies to create a digital twin of your organization.

By combining process mining, data science, and machine learning, Navigate enables you to analyze the effectiveness of your organization, measure throughputs, monitor lead times, and anticipate bottlenecks.

These insights translate to streamlined decision-making, and the ability to quickly solve business problems.


MAIDA is Globant’s AI platform that brings innovation and the latest technologies to application management services (AMS).

As a digital AMS platform, MAIDA takes traditional services to a new level of experience, with features including real-time KPIs and a virtual assistant to ensure continuous improvement.

Process Mining

Process mining combines process management and data science to provide a fact-based view of how processes are executed in production.

Based on transactional information from their source systems, companies can discover, monitor, and enhance their business processes.

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation removes soul-crushing work from your employees and at the same time boosts productivity.

Smart bots interact with your various IT systems and mimic the work of a typical person.

We work with businesses to use these tools, methodologies, and technologies to both automate standard processes, but also drive fundamental business change.

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