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Process Optimization

Efficiency driven by technology

Transformation happens when process expertise merges with software engineering


In a fast-changing market, businesses across the world are focusing on making their operations more efficient, adaptable and resilient to increase ROI.

By partnering with our clients to drive efficiency through technology, we reduce risk, preparing operations against uncertain events. We support business reinvention starting from the core, enhancing operations and processes, and readying the backbone of the organization for transformation.


Services that create results


Globant’s Navigate AI Decision Platform uses cutting-edge technologies to create a digital twin of your organization.

By combining process mining, data science, and machine learning solutions, Navigate enables you to analyze the effectiveness of your organization, measure throughputs, monitor lead times, and anticipate bottlenecks.

These insights translate to streamlined decision-making, and the ability to quickly solve business problems.

Process Mining

Process mining combines process management and data science to provide a fact-based view of how processes are executed in production.

Based on transactional information from their source systems, companies can discover, monitor, and enhance their business processes.

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation removes soul-crushing work from your employees and at the same time boosts productivity.

Smart bots interact with your various IT systems and mimic the work of a typical person.

We work with businesses to use these tools, methodologies, and technologies to both automate standard processes, but also drive fundamental business change.


Combine the power of Atlassian with Globant’s deep process excellence and agile expertise to accelerate productivity, streamline collaboration and reinvent your businesses.

As a proven partner, we help clients enhance enterprise agility and unlock the full potential of their teams with our comprehensive range of Atlassian services.

A deep dive into Navigate, Globant's AI decision platform

Discover how Navigate can provide the insights you need to mesure, analyze and enhance processes that drive your business performance.

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Companies implementing Navigate are increasing efficiency and reducing process costs.


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