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Transforming relationships and unlocking value

The digital retail experience is evolving as we speak

Exceeding customer expectations is only part of the retail journey. There’s a whole supply chain challenge behind the scenes that’s critical to the sector.
We boost innovation through digital retail solutions for full supply chain visibility and automation in tandem with creating phygital experiences that boost engagement for customers.

Services that create results

Closer to the customer

By integrating technology, business and design, we help our clients transform end-to-end shopper experiences. Whether creating human-centric, data-driven and tech-enabled experiences both in the online and offline world, driving engagement in the metaverse, or creating phygital innovations, we help connect with customers in new ways, driving hyper-personalized omnichannel experiences.

We help our clients with:

- Augmented experiences

- Omnichannel engagement

- New channel transformation

- Digital Sales

- Floor Sales enablement

- Autonomous supply chain planning

- Supply chain/ delivery real time visibility

Smart loyalty

Retail involves building strong customer engagement just as much as building strong supply chains. By leveraging behaviors and insights from adjacent industries, we utilize data and technology to unleash the power of loyalty, and expand it to monetize data to partners and other stakeholders.

We help our clients with:

- Intelligent loyalty

- Data monetization

- Digitally enabled innovation

Transforming operations

Retail operations are quickly evolving towards autonomy and automation. We help companies transform and redefine each step of their day-to-day ops and strategy using cutting-edge technology, AI models, and analytics, from leveraging blockchain technology to ensure the traceability of products to warehouse automation, from planning to floor ops and delivery.

We help our clients with:

- Autonomous supply chain planning

- Supply chain/ delivery real time visibility

- Warehouse automation

- Sourcing traceability

Next-gen commercial management

The retailers at the vanguard of growth will be the ones who leverage data and AI technology to boost the impact of commercial decisions. From using real-time data to set dynamic pricing to utilizing digital and analytic tools to innovate next-gen merchandising, the future of retail is dynamic.

We help our clients with:

- Smart pricing, promo and mark-downs

- Next-gen merchandising

- Efficient marketing spent

- Intelligent loyalty

- Floor Sales enablement

Beyond Innovation

We’re always working to identify and define new business models that drive alternative revenue streams for clients. The core offering of a retailer is only one part of an ecosystem that brings additional value. The path towards sustainable growth involves expanding mindsets, opening the aperture of what’s possible.

We help our clients with:

- Digitally enabled innovation

- Alternative business models

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