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Achieve CX excellence with Adobe Experience Cloud

Blending Adobe’s cutting-edge MarTech with Globant’s deep AI knowledge and cross-industry expertise to deliver delightful customer experiences.


In today’s fast-evolving landscape, the demand for personalization is greater than ever. At the forefront of this transformation are Globant and Adobe. We blend marketing technology with strategy to create seamless, end-to-end experiences that delight customers while empowering businesses to stay ahead of the curve, turning challenges into opportunities and customers into advocates.


Services that create results

Data Management & Audience Insights

Turn customer data into a strategic asset by leveraging data management and insights services.

Through cross-channel tracking with Adobe Analytics, we collect and unify customer data while building a single, cohesive customer view with Adobe Real-Time CDP.

Through data activation practices employing Customer Journey Analytics, we use actionable insights to target audience segments and fuel personalized experiences. Let's transform your data strategy into a competitive advantage.


Transform customer relationships through personalized experiences that resonate deeply, driving engagement and boosting conversions.

With Adobe Target and Adobe Journey Optimizer (AJO), leverage A/B testing and recommendation engines through targeted campaigns to constantly optimize touchpoints and curate personalized content for specific audience segments.

Fuel customer satisfaction through unique and meaningful interactions to unlock the full potential of marketing efforts.

Content & Assets Management

Empower content creation and management at scale with Adobe Experience Manager.

Leveraging Adobe's Sites and Assets, we help you centralize content creation, simplify digital asset storage and retrieval, and streamline management processes for a seamless workflow.

We empower your teams with technology that facilitates collaboration and increases efficiency, allowing them to develop relevant, engaging content that connects with audiences in real-time.

Marketing Automation

We guide you through Adobe Campaign tools to enhance control and elevate Email and Mobile marketing campaign automation.

Leveraging Adobe Marketo Engage, we help you identify and engage with high-potential leads through enhanced lead scoring and nurturing strategies to optimize marketing efforts.

The outcome is a simplified system that fosters deeper customer relationships while accelerating time-to-market, giving your business a competitive advantage in a dynamic market.


Craft engaging, user-friendly online stores and integrate robust analytics and tracking capabilities to deliver a seamless e-commerce experience.

By blending our technology capabilities and commerce expertise with the power of Adobe Commerce, we reduce friction in online store operations, streamline website creation and sales management, and yield critical customer insights to boost sales.

Take the user experience to new heights and respond effectively to market demands, driving sustained business growth.

Our Clients

A portfolio of successful implementations for some of the world’s most recognizable
brands across more than 20 countries