Cloud OPS

Our cloud studio combines the best cloud technologies, CI and CD Practices and unique Globant capabilities to facilitate new and more efficient way of doing business.

Cloud and DevOps are independent but mutually reinforcing strategies for delivering business value. To better understand the relationship between both, keep in mind that Cloud and DevOps have evolved in response to three fundamental transformations. Firstly, we are transitioning from a product economy to a service economy. Secondly, the business environment is demanding that companies shift their focus from stability and efficiency to agility and innovation. They need to increase delivery frequency, and continue services evolution. Third, the digital dimension is filling the physical dimension. We are reaching the point where daily activities are becoming impossible without digital technology. In this scenario, IT cannot afford not to provide a compelling platform for the adaptive business.


  • CL


    Cloud Platforms, from Design, Build-Transform and Support including Hybrid cloud solutions and CMP Tools.

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  • DO


    CI / CD, from Design, Build-Transform and Support.

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  • CS

    Cloud Managed Services

    Cloud and DevOps Managed Services including adhoc Administration and 24x7 shared support services.

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  • ST


    from SOC to SecDevOps including new generation toolset leveraging analytics in the cloud.

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