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Our Cloud Studio combines the best cloud technologies , CI and CD practices and unique Globant capabilities to facilitate new and more efficient way of doing business.

Cloud and DevOps are independent but mutually reinforcing strategies for delivering business value. To better understand the relationship between both, keep in mind that Cloud and DevOps have evolved in response to three fundamental transformations. Firstly, we are transitioning from a product economy to a service economy. Secondly, the business environment is demanding that companies shift their focus from stability and efficiency to agility and innovation. They need to increase delivery frequency, and continue services evolution. Third, the digital dimension is filling the physical dimension. We are reaching the point where daily activities are becoming impossible without digital technology. In this scenario, IT cannot afford not to provide a compelling platform for the adaptive business.


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    From Roadmap Definition to Managed Services we can support your company's Cloud Journey. Working with Cloud platforms since 2009 we developed the expertise and framework to deliver Consultancy services for cloud adoption strategy, application transformation, Disaster Recovery Definition and ongoing support. Our main goal is enabling IT Agility with pragmatism and fully aligned with your core business leveraging Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Compute Platform, OpenStack (including, IaaS, Containers, Serverless technologies between others.

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    Using a DevOps approach, companies can perform continuous integration of its code and continuous deployment into its development environment several times a day instead of 1 every few months. Teams can also perform acceptance testing of customer requirements in the same iteration with development. And finally show the customer, in near-real time, what developers are producing, delivering new products in features in record time avoiding rework, manual iterations and reducing time to market.

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  • CNP


    Moving from traditional Shared Support Services to Site Reliability Engineering support Team, Cloud Native Patrol knows how to Accelerate and Support Complex Cloud Native Projects The Cloud Ecosystem is getting very complex, Cloud Providers continue to innovate by adding new tools while enriching existing ones. The same is happening with the whole Cloud Native landscape (Orchestration, Service Discovery, Containers, Automation, Config. Management, Observability, PaaS). Cloud Native Patrol address the challenges of supporting the whole Cloud Ecosystem.

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