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Combining the best in cloud technologies, DevOps practices, and innovative capabilities we facilitate new and more efficient ways of doing business.

Cloud Services

From roadmap definition to managed services we can support your company’s cloud journey.

  • Our team of over 500 cloud and DevOps engineers focus on providing business agility and pragmatism.
  • We have been working with cloud platforms since 2009 and have the expertise and frameworks to help with your cloud adoption strategy, application transformation, disaster recovery definition and ongoing support.
  • We are experienced with all major cloud platforms, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and OpenStack.

We enable continuous integration and continuous delivery with a focus on quality and transparency. This allows production updates several times a day, rather than once every few months.

Product teams are able to rapidly innovate and deliver new features and value to the business.

We focus on helping technology teams make improvements to their overall product cycle.

Business owners can see what their teams are producing in near real time, helping to dramatically improve time to market.

Cloud Native Patrol

The Cloud Native Patrol service helps organizations effectively manage their cloud native technology environment. We offer an as-a-service model, where our experts are available to support your entire ecosystem, from the infrastructure to service discovery, orchestration, automation, and containerization.

  • By effectively supporting complex cloud native projects, we ensure you have the business flexibility to adjust to your customer requirements.
  • We can help you accelerate the development of modern cloud-first applications based on a cloud native infrastructure.

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