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Be Kind to the Planet.

"There is no Planet B" is not a slogan for us; it's a call to action.

We are determined to transform the present toward a better future. Be Kind to the Planet has long been engaged in transforming people's lives by reducing emissions and leading the way toward a better world.

be kind - be kind to the planet
be kind - be kind to the planet

Be Kind to the Planet Commitments

At Globant, we embrace our responsibility to be a force for positive change. We believe in technology as an enabler to seek reinvention and make the world a better place.

Initiatives to fight climate change:

Carbon neutrality and reduction trajectories in line with the Science-Based Targets Initiative’s standards-aligned with Race to Zero Initiative

O momento é agora!

Sonhamos em tornar o mundo um lugar melhor, um passo de cada vez. 

Não existe planeta B.

Sonhamos em tornar o mundo um lugar melhor, um passo de cada vez. Este é o propósito da Globant e queremos honrá-lo cuidando de nosso lar e sendo amáveis com o planeta para as futuras gerações.

Estratégia de descarbonização

Utilizar eletricidade 100% renovável e se tornando uma empresa neutra em carbono

A Globant está trabalhando país a país para reduzir as emissões de carbono comprando eletricidade que vem de fontes renováveis e compensando o restante de nossa pegada de carbono com investimentos em projetos inovadores que representam nossos valores.

Be kind to the planet
be kind to the planet - Carbon neutral
be kind to the planet - Carbon neutral

We are Carbon Neutral!

In 2021 we achieved Carbon Neutrality. While we follow our emissions reduction trajectories, we will persevere with our Carbon Neutrality pledge through carbon offsetting and renewable sources.
Bajo Calima
Bajo Calima
Bajo Calima y Bahía Málaga - Colombia

This project prevents deforestation, is owned by two Afro-descendant communities and started in 2013 on the Pacific coast of Colombia. The project exists in a place with heavy rainfall which creates a very unique ecosystem with rich flora and fauna.

Brazil Nuts
Brazil Nuts
Brazil Nut - Peru

This project prevents deforestation and protects biodiversity in 500,000 acres in the Peruvian Amazon, and has been running since 2010. Owned by over 300 small concessioner landowners who seek to refocus the local economy towards the passive harvest of Brazil nuts, it provides community members with sustainable income through carbon finance.

Kootznoowoo - USA (Alaska)

This initiative preserves a hemlock-spruce forest along a heavily forested section of Alaska's coastline. Owned by Kootznoowoo Incorporated, a Native-American timber company, the project area would otherwise be vulnerable to harvesting.

GreenTech - Romania


This initiative recycles PET packaging and manufactures new recycled plastic products. This process requires a considerably lower energy consumption than manufacturing the same products from virgin inputs, and we can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In addition to this, the project contributes towards better working conditions and revenue distribution to improve local and regional economic development.

Wind Power Project - India

This project is installing wind power in the villages of the Mandsaur and Ratlam districts of Madhya Pradesh state, India. The purpose of the initiative is to generate electrical power for the local community using wind energy. This project also impacts the community with different economic, health, security and education initiatives.

Green software

Green Software: Our Path Towards Cleantech

We acknowledge the impact technology has on the environment and we share a responsibility to invest in making our products, such as software, greener and more sustainable for ourselves and our clients. As a key step in our journey to make a positive impact and transform the world, we joined the Green Software Foundation steering committee, a call to action that encourages a sustainable way of living and positively impacts society, the environment, the economy and the cultural good of humanity.

We promote environmental awareness

To guarantee environmental awareness inside our company, we created the “Be kind to the Planet Learning Map,” a Globant University training program which gathers different learning opportunities and tools for Globers to incorporate the concepts in their projects with clients.

Globant medellin office

Os resultados da Globant

Nos últimos anos, temos medido e trabalhado consistentemente para reduzir nossa pegada de carbono. Nós focamos nas áreas de maior impacto para nos tornar em uma empresa mais eficiente em relação com carbono.

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