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  • New Globant Report Explores How to Reinvent Industries for Today’s Unanticipated “New Normal”

  • 22 Mayo 2020

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New Globant Report Explores How to Reinvent Industries for Today’s Unanticipated “New Normal”

Globant's latest Sentinel Report highlights opportunities for organizations to take this crisis as a stepping stone for growth and maturity.

SAN FRANCISCO, May 22, 2020 -- Globant (NYSE: GLOB), a digitally native technology services company, released its Q2 Sentinel Report, an initiative designed to help organizations maintain relevance through the observation of industry trends, insights and consumer behaviors across the globe. The latest edition of the report focuses on how current market changes present an opportunity to drive business growth and meet new customer needs.

“In these present times, when face-to-face interactions are no longer possible, technology becomes key to raise organizations to the next level and augment their capabilities," said Martín Migoya, CEO and co-founder of Globant. “Leaders need to be thinking about how to reinvent their industries. It’s not just about offering new value for customers. It’s also about creating new forms of collaboration to propel innovation.”

Globant's Sentinel Report recommends four methods to increase customer engagement and strengthen organizational agility throughout this new normal:

  1. Imagine exponential business: Today, more than ever, companies need to challenge their core business to seek opportunities that weren't previously available.

  2. Hack the company: To reinvent any industry, leaders will need to look at the inside, to challenge current state and reshape organizations for a new reality. They need to ask themselves: Are you looking at the past instead of designing for the future?

  3. Augmented collaboration: By moving away from the office, organizations are missing casual human dynamics that fuel innovation and foster company culture. Plus, traditional online tools like video conferences cannot replace human interactions. To achieve real collaboration, leaders need to apply technology to bring remote work to the next level. That's what Augmented Collaboration is about.

  4. Create a mutant culture: The DNA of a corporation is their culture. It must be ready to adapt to survive in a changing environment.

"Today’s newest business challenges present new opportunities for all of us. Instead of shying away from change, we must proactively embrace it and reimagine our industries to thrive in the game. We encourage organizations to leverage this year’s Sentinel Report to create a new way of doing business," said Emiliano Horcada, Strategy Partner at Globant.

For more information on the Sentinel Report and to download the latest version, click here.



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