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Relatório de Tendências 2017

<p>Success in business depends on answering one key question: what will my customers want next? This Trend Report will empower you to do just that. Each of the 12 key trends here presents a powerful innovation opportunity for 2017. That means an emerging opportunity to build new brands, products, services and campaigns that customers will love.</p>

<p>The trends are illustrated with 60+ innovation examples drawn from tw:in, our global network of innovation spotters. That’s because watching innovations is at the heart of the TrendWatching methodology. We’re fueled by the conviction that you can know what consumers will want next.</p>

<p>Not by asking them, but by watching the innovations they’re engaging with now and asking: how are these innovations changing customer expectations? What will these new expectations mean for us? Of course, you’ll find our take on all that inside this report. But be relentless about asking yourself those questions as you turn these pages. And remember, these trends are innovations waiting to happen. That means they’re nothing unless you act on them. The tools in the APPLY chapter will help you and your team to identify the trends that you should work with, and then turn those trends&nbsp;into powerful new innovation ideas.</p>