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Life Sciences

Reinventing Life Sciences Ecosystem through tangible technologically-driven solutions
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Technology and Life Sciences are now intertwined. There is a need to accelerate drug discovery and its time to market, data integration to improve clinical & access decision-making processes, generate efficiencies in the ecosystem, and improve the end-to-end customer journey; particularly on access to medicine, adherence and consumer experience.
Globant aims to bridge the gap to help life sciences and healthcare organizations to achieve their mission of delivering innovation and services faster and more efficiently to enhance patient value and improve outcomes.
Life Sciences Studio is focused on seeking reinvention among these five main pillars:
Research & Development and Drug Discovery

Evolution of R&D & drug discovery platforms and precision medicine policies, through AI and predictive analytics, accelerate more personalized assets and their time to market.

Clinical Trials

Decentralization of clinical trials (DCTs), leveraged by its digitalization and a more democratic (and faster) population enrollment, all boosted by At Home Caring technology. Through data strategy, infrastructure, and architecture capabilities, AI/ML, blockchain, and IoT Globant can help organizations develop innovative data and data platform solutions for DCTs.

Health Economics & Diseases Prevention/Management

Enabling real health economics, value-based healthcare policies, and diseases prevention/management through integrated data platforms that will support accurate decision-making processes across stakeholders.

Scientific Communication Platforms & Go To Market Models

Building up new standards for continuous scientific education, decentralized into best-in-class Omni-Channel platforms so that all players can be part of it and Healthcare Professionals & Patients, according to legislation, can have democratic and easy access to all the information.

Channel Management & Customer Experience Solutions

Evolving retail & institutional business channels, ensuring a better vertical integration to data, better supply chain & purchasing experience, and an adherence/ access program can help tackle disease management issues. Data mining, predictive analytics, and data visualization will unlock managerial and customer behavior opportunities.