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Healthcare & Life Sciences

Reinventing Life Sciences Ecosystem through tangible technologically-driven solutions

Healthcare is getting reinvented every second

Nous améliorons la connexion entre la technologie et les sciences de la vie, en combinant des talents en science du vivant avec des solutions technologiques innovantes. Nous intégrons la numérisation dans nos parcours biologiques.
Aujourd’hui chez Globant, nous créons et promouvons une pensée de conception moderne associant le talent en sciences du vivant, des solutions numériques innovantes et le meilleur des autres industries, comme manière de réinventer les sciences de la vie. Bienvenue dans notre approche de pollinisation mutuelle.

Life Sciences Studio is focused on seeking reinvention among these five main pillars:

Drug Discovery
Improving treatments for patients by bringing better drugs to market faster and enabling personalized medicine through an application of AI/ML to early drug discovery — from development of algorithms for biological targets identification, drug design, drug screening, drug repurposing, or chemical synthesis to scalable AI platforms to manage multiple product pipelines. Application of natural language processing (NLP) to literature mining to unlock the wealth of data in public and private databases for drug discovery and translational medicine.
Clinical Trials

Patient-centric and data-enabled decentralization of clinical trial (DCT) operations to democratize patient access to clinical research, drive efficiency, and reduce timelines and cost. Leveraging digital technologies to support patient identification, recruitment, and engagement, as well as remote patient monitoring and at-home care; and deploying AI/ML, blockchain, and IoT capabilities on top of a strong data strategy and infrastructure to develop innovative and scalable data platform solutions for decentralized and hybrid clinical trials.

Disease Management & Value Based Healthcare

User-centered and engaging experiences that combine technology and behavioral science helping people and patients meet their health goals, such as adherence to chronic treatment, increased physical exercise, or keeping appointments with the doctor.
Technological solutions that increase and accelerate the rate of diagnosis in rare diseases as well as non-communicable chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure, cancer and migraine.
Strategies and end-to-end solutions to manage the entire health data lifecycle, whether for healthcare use, real-world evidence-based research projects, or to generate insights for decision-making.
Disease modeling based on real-life data to aid reimbursement, pricing, and value-based care decisions.
Digital transformation and solution to achieve an intelligent health care provider, with a focus on the user experience, the clinical outcome and the optimization of resources.


Go To Market Strategy

It all starts with a customer-centered organization that puts the patient first: new strategy and organizational charts have to reflect this ambition in order to accelerate product and services launch, automating repetitive tasks and processes and measuring along the way.
The Data Strategy plays a central role in the next generation go to market models, with cohesive cloud architectures that organize and gather updated data, dashboards containing advanced analytics and AI models to predict outcomes and adjust strategies and tactics.
Augmented organizations are deploying innovative Customer Engagement strategies, by developing a personalized offering of content and services, and deploying it through omnichannel, with madtech as backbone. Metaverse is increasingly taking attention in omnichannel strategies to offer experiences to customers in a new and engaging way.
Patients need to be educated and strongly connected to their therapy, care and team of professionals to achieve the best possible outcomes. Patient Support Programs are changing the shift of just delivering affordability options, to transform into comprehensive care concierges. Thus patients enrolled in augmented patient support programs can access services beyond the pill/molecule and engage with their care to understand it, share feelings along the journey and thus reach an effective treatment.



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Leader dans la matrice SPARK 2022


Globant a été nommé leader dans la matrice SPARK 2022 pour les services IT dans le domaine de la santé par Quadrant Knowledge Solutions.

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