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Business Hacking

Non-traditional ways to create new business value

Our Business Hacking services are strategically designed to uncover opportunities and bring quick and actionable results.

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New Business

Uncover new revenue streams and set up an operational model to launch a new business. From strategy to the end mile of delivery, we provide a fully holistic business-to-customer approach. Take the first step with us and we'll help you scale your business.

Better Business

Detect opportunities for optimization and efficiency. We offer a comprehensive transformation plan, capacity creation and execution accountability. Take your business to the next level.

Business Mentality

Business Mentality

We uncover non-traditional ways to create new business value by analyzing data, consumer behavior and innovative market trends. Get the right help with:

STRATEGY IMPACT & ACCELERATION: Analyze business impact, provide feedback to the organization and accelerate business growth

DIGITAL STRATEGY CO-CREATION AND DEFINITION: Identify what the real problem the client needs to solve is (for which we believe innovation is the solution), and design the right product for it.

DIGITAL STRATEGY EXECUTION: Drive the necessary organizational alignment, mindset and capabilities needed to achieve effective execution and business results with a digital transformation plan.

Payment Made Easy

Competing in the digital payment market is not easy, you need to be better.
Learn how PRISMA and Globant made it possible through a fully digital experience.

Future Proof Your Company

Future Proof Your Company

The future of your company is something that you make today, and everyday. It’s not something you have, it’s who you are and who you become.

Our services will help you to future proof your company and make your company the best it can be:
1. Transformation Program
2. New Revenue Discovery
3. Cultural Hacking

Cultural Hacking

Cultural Hacking

We power cultural transformation

What enables your organization to make changes in a sustainable way over time? Your people and your culture. That’s why every digital transformation is also a cultural transformation.
Switch To a Digital Culture to achieve: 
* Revenue growth
* Increased Productivity
* Project effectiveness
* Lower talent acquisition cost

Our approach to transforming cultures

We help you transform your organizational culture with a roadmap that involves every corner of your company, unlocking your digital potential, improving your employees’ experience, and enabling business transformation.

Holistic Approach

We design experiences to help you transform your company, empower talent, and unlock your team’s potential and strength. We'll help you make an impact at the individual, team and organizational levels, to boost business, technology, and culture.

Cultural Framework

Our proprietary Assessment Framework will help you deep dive into the experiences of people in your organization, understand your specific goals and requirements, and build strategic initiatives to accelerate cultural transformation.

Digital Cultural Sensors

Our StarMeUp OS platform has a variety of digital sensors to emotionally connect and x-ray your culture to help co-create a transformation journey. These sensors become your compass.

Discover your new normal

Discovery: Understand where you stand in this path.
Delivery: Design strategic initiatives to help accelerate cultural transformation
StarMeUp OS: Implementation of our digital culture platform to measure your progress while boosting your organizational culture.