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When crisis strikes, you’ll be ready to carry on strong

As we navigate through the ongoing pandemic, technology can be key to create new opportunities. The Continuity Studio provides solutions to enable your organization to quickly adapt to changing circumstances.

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In times of crisis we need to make smart decisions quickly. These solutions and services re-enable bridges between people, teams and businesses. Our experts are ready to provide insights to drive your business forward.

Is your organization ready to turn on a dime?

To attune to a rapidly changing world, organizations need to be adaptive. This is even harder when your employees are physically remote. From process optimization, augmented collaboration between colleagues, to new digital learning tools, we’re ready to help your organization become more agile.

Are you prepared to deliver value to changing consumer and business needs?

The needs and desires of consumers and businesses are prone to change rapidly. When this happens, can you still deliver value to them? From new digital payments, virtual queues, to optimizing prices, we’re ready to help you continue to serve your customers effectively.

Educational & Professional Development Continuity

Educational & Professional Development Continuity

Organizations are looking to the potential of applications and other digital learning tools to help people continue in their professional development. We are ready to help both businesses, as well as EdTech providers, create and implement solutions to enable people to keep on learning.

Customer Service Continuity

Virtual waiting rooms, also known as zero-contact waiting rooms, or virtual queues, can help your business manage spikes in demand and ensure you maintain an enjoyable customer experience.

Hybrid queues combine the digital and the physical. For example, when making an appointment to visit your local bank.

Cultural Continuity

In a world where we can no longer enjoy moments of serendipity in the office, we need to recreate these spontaneous moments using technology.

We call this “augmented collaboration”. Our suite of digital cultural tools can help you keep and grow your company culture, even as your people are physically distanced.


Process Continuity

In times of change and disruption, organizational processes come under strain. Relying on a data-based approach, we can help you prepare by aligning and optimizing your processes.

We take a three-step approach in which we first map and identify, then define and plan, and finally execute and monitor.

Business Through AI

Business Through AI

Key to maintaining continuity, is leaning on technology where appropriate. We offer “Ignite” artificial intelligence training sessions, to help organizations quickly identify areas where AI can help them. The workshops involve a cycle of discovery and creation, balancing ideation and creation.

Payment Continuity

Consumers want to be able to pay for goods and services as easily as they browse social media. We can quickly implement new digital methods, such as with contactless payments and digital wallets.

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