Augmented Collaboration: Boosting human interactions in the digital world

When face to face interactions are no longer possible, businesses, culture and productivity can be impacted. In today’s world, the secret lies in removing the friction that distance creates by going beyond simple communication to real collaboration.

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How Augmented Collaboration helps teams thrive in the new world dynamics

Informal dynamics are a necessary fuel for innovation. How can distributed teams be as effective as those working next to each other? Take these steps to help your organization scale-up culture, promote innovation, and increase productivity.

CONNECTIONS PROMOTE EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT. Artificial intelligence can help you foster culture and personal connections. We know that culture can make or break a company. At Globant we have successfully implemented AI through our StarMeUp OS platform to help us understand the human fiber within an organization.
StarMeUp OS

Use technology to foster culture and personal connections

AI IS AN ENABLER TO MAKE BETTER PROFESSIONALS. When you no longer have a colleague sitting next to you to ask for suggestions, AI can be the solution to augment your teams’ skills and collaboration. At Globant we use Augmented Coding, an AI powered system that enhances the developers’ coding experience and capacities.
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Apply AI to augment team capabilities

Now is the time to take action

Data shows that organizations need better collaboration dynamics. Managers and employees understand the need for a strong culture and the role that A.I. can play in the new work dynamics.


Decreased output

49% of employees say that their work output has decreased while working from home. Source: True Augmented Collaboration can set your company for the unknown

Culture to lead

49% of employees say a good leader knows and lives by their company values and 45% state that they also actively provide feedback. Source: Powering a People-First Culture

A.I. to augment

With Augmented Coding, we have seen a 30% increase in productivity as a whole and a 50% increase in productivity in junior profiles. Source: Augmented Coding

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Supporting employee productivity during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many companies to transform their operations almost overnight. Work once carried out in office buildings now happens in employees’ home offices and living rooms.
To understand how this transition is affecting workers, Globant surveyed 900 U.S. full-time employees at the senior manager level or below, all of whom are working from home due to COVID-19.

The results were striking! Download for free the full report and also tips for how companies can support employees’ productivity during this extensive lockdown. 

White Paper

True Augmented Collaboration can set your company for the unknown

When face-to-face interactions are out of the equation, how can you recreate informal connections to boost innovation? While many companies have eagerly adopted virtual conferencing systems and chats, we know that videoconferences cannot replace all interactions. They are just the first step towards an enriching digital work environment.

Download a full guide to enable collaboration and improve motivation for a new future.

White Paper

How Companies Can Prepare for the Era of Augmented Intelligence

If companies want to harness the full power of AI and augmented intelligence, they must take steps to align their internal processes and cultures behind that goal — and ensure everyone from executives to frontline employees understand its importance.

Discover in this whitepaper the ultimate step by step roadmap to an AI-driven culture.

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