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women that build

Women That Build

A Be kind initiative

Fostering diversity and inclusion

Our values of diversity, equity and inclusion are at the forefront of every decision we make. By empowering all women in tech, we hope to inspire lasting global change. Because when unique perspectives come together for a greater purpose, disruptive innovations happen.

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Disrupting the tech industry for future generations

Grow, Empower, Lead

We want to change the reality of a male-dominated tech industry by inspiring women and non-binary people to get interested in STEAM-related careers, and create a more diverse and inclusive industry. To challenge the status quo, we want to create a place of inspiration and growth - a place based on equality and diversity.

Committing to improving the gender gap together

The gender gap is real, that's why we are taking steps towards becoming a permanent part of the solution. We are here to change the status quo and to turn a "no" into a "what if?"

What if we celebrate what makes us unique? What if we recognize all the women that are leading the change the world need? What if we start building a more equitable society for all... starting today?

Women | Gender Gap

How do we change reality?

A journey to increase female participation in IT

We designed a program where we accompany women and non-binary people through their career journey, from when they are at school through starting their first job, to further career and professional development. At each stage, we have put in place a variety of training programs and initiatives to help them thrive.


This first step encourages women to become interested in science, technology, and mathematics fields.

Some of the key programs that we have put together are meant to ignite women's curiosity of the industry. We work in collaboration with many organizations, such as the "Girls Programming Club" and Laboratoria in Latin America. In India, we have also developed the Empower Her program.
Our "Be kind talks" reflect on topics from a gender perspective. We launched our Globant “Women That Build” Awards. We also host a “Women That Build” month and “Women Development Week," all to inspire, provide tools, and share learnings with women in IT.

We are working to improve access to education for women and non-binary people.

We have put in place specific Globant initiatives to provide tools and knowledge, and we also collaborate with educational institutions. We have offered more than 500 scholarships. As part of our Be Kind initiative, we aim to train 5,000 women and non-binary people in technology by 2025.
An example of these initiatives is Globant Academy, our corporate university, as well as courses and training covering subjects that include DevOps, UI, Angular, CSS, among others.

We apply diversity and inclusion practices in our recruitment processes to increase awareness, understanding, and ensure diversity at scale.

We have created an inclusive hiring training, which we are currently conducting with all our recruiters. We have a gender identity and expression training with Globant’s People team. Every Glober has to take mandatory diversity and inclusion awareness training.
We’ve also created an initiative to empower and encourage experienced technologists who are on a career break to rejoin the industry.

We accompany women and non-binary people to sustain their careers in different stages of their lives such as when becoming a mother, offering extended maternity and paternity leave.

We have created the “Soft Landing” program, part of the “Globant4U” initiative, to help women as they become mothers.
Another branch of this initiative are our parenting talks. So far we have provided talks to 700 families covering everything from safety and first aid, and how to cope with children during quarantine.

As part of our Be Kind initiative, we aim to achieve 50% female and non-binary representation in management positions by 2025.

To help with career development, we have specific programs in place, such as those run by Globant University. These include the Diversity & Inclusion Learning Path, and LEAP, Globant’s leadership program.



Leaning on our entrepreneurial spirit and inclusive culture, we’re developing spaces around the world where people can be a part of that change. Get inspired with all our initiatives!

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Whether you’ve re-entered the workforce after a hiatus or are looking to advance into your next role, the field of tech needs more people like you to fill esteemed leadership positions around the world, create impactful change in the tech sector, and serve as inspiration to future generations of women and nonbinary individuals.


Women That Build is our program to promote the inclusion and professional growth of women in our industry.

Trainings and scholarships

We're putting together a series of resources to support your growth and help the tech industry evolve. Check out all our training and scholarship opportunities we have for you!

Podcast: Be one of a kind

Listen to inspiring stories told first hand by female leaders and entrepreneurs who manage innovation and promote diversity and inclusion.


She Soars Program
Our Goal: Detect talented women at the mid-management level and boost their career development through a powerful mentoring program in which the participants will: Discover their potential Design their career Find a sponsor Integrate new perspectives
Be Kind Talks
Conversations that inspire us: To promote diversity and inclusion at Globant, we started a new cycle of virtual talks where we have open dialogues and reflect on different topics from a gender perspective.
Back in the Game
Six-week mentorship and training program that allows women currently on a career break to resume their tech journeys.
Globant & Laboratoria
Working towards more women in IT: Laboratoria is a non-profit organization focused on career and technology training for young women in Latin America.
Empower Her
Since 2019, the program has empowered young women from vulnerable backgrounds in India. Over 100 women have undergone the training in the Empower Her Program.
Women That Build community
A space to support initiatives from members all around the world, find opportunities, and connect with all the women who are leading the change the world needs.