Women That Build

A Be kind initiative

Fostering diversity and inclusion

Women That Build is our campaign to promote the inclusion and professional growth of women in the technology industry, boosting the diversity and balance of talent, both within our organization and outside in the communities we are part of.

Our way to produce real impact in IT

Grow, Empower, Lead

The tech industry remains male dominated. We want to change this reality and inspire women and non-binary people to get interested in STEM-related careers, and create a more diverse and inclusive industry. To challenge the status quo, we want to create a place of inspiration and growth - a place based on equality and diversity. 


These are some of the initiatives that emerge from the campaignn.

Globant’s Lean In Circles

We encourage the creation of these women-led spaces for their professional growth in the IT industry. They constitute an arena of professional growth, of gaining skills, seeking advice and showing solidarity.


Four years ago we met for the first time with Laboratoria. In Globant today, we have five Laboratrians working in our offices in Chile

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Club de Chicas Programadoras

We want to break down myths about the 'difficulties' of technology. We teach girls and young women how to code through a ludic program , showing them how fun coding can be!

Acámica scholarships for women

Of the 500 scholarships, 80% are aimed at women who have an interest in developing in an industry with huge growth challenges, promoting the inclusion and diversity of this sector.

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We host events and trainings with women and girls from outside of Globant throughout the world.  

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