Innovation is at the heart of our culture, so it is critical that each and every Glober be an innovator.

In addition to offering a flexible and collaborative work environment, we also actively seek to build the capabilities required to sustain innovation through several ongoing processes and initiatives including:




We invite programmers, designers and engineers from inside and outside of Globant  to closely collaborate on a technology challenge. Our hackathons are typically focused on a particular programming language, software technology or practice. Hackathons provide attendees the opportunity to learn, try out new ideas and collaborate with other people in a highly energized, idea-generative environment.

Globant Labs

To help Globers stay ahead of the technology curve, we provide them with the freedom to explore and test new ideas and technologies in our Globant Labs — such as robotics, bioinformatics, virtual worlds, tangible interfaces and augmented reality that could eventually be useful to our existing and prospective clients.

Flip-thinking events

We encourage Globers to participate in flip-thinking events. These are open gatherings on topics related to creativity, innovation and technology to which we invite thought-leaders from the sciences, arts, and technology industries. Flip-thinking contributes to Globers’ ability to think intuitively and creatively when solving problems.

Ideation sessions

At the outset of a client project, we frequently crowdsource ideas by organizing an ideation session to solve our client’s needs. We typically open ideation sessions to all Globers to maximize idea generation and capture the technology expertise found in each of our Studios. Our ideation sessions help break down silos, facilitate the sharing of knowledge and insights, and stimulate innovative thinking.

Premier League

Our Premier League is an elite team of Globers whose mission is to foster innovation by cross-pollinating their deep knowledge of emerging technologies and related market trends across and between our Studios. Our Premier League is comprised of our senior most subject matter experts who are recognized as ‘‘gurus’’ in their respective domains of expertise. Approximately one percent of Globers are members of our Premier League.



    Explores relevant scenarios and solutions that allow brands to reach disruptive and creative outcomes.


    Focuses on optimizing products to achieve specified business goals while maximizing return on investment.


    Identifies the challenges and opportunities for the improvement and innovation of current or future services.

  • UX

    Defines the overall User Experience utilizing best practices and a thorough understanding of the product needs and the market in which it will thrive.


    Creates eye-pleasing graphic systems that emotionally define product environments and the overall brand experience.


    Assure the creation of a clear and consistent technical version of the project to enable success.

  1. Innovation

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